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Michael Vartan As a Serial Killer?

Cute Michael Vartan was spotted grabbing some Starbucks in Hollywood. We miss seeing Michael weekly on Alias, but we may get to see him back on the big screen soon. Producer Alan Robinson wants him to play a serial killer in his upcoming movie Worst Nightmares. Here's more:

“Nightmares” tells of a serial killer who knocks off his victims based on what their particular fear is – be it a fear of drowning, a fear of heights, or in my case, a fear of being sentenced to watch “Full House” re-runs on loop for a weekend.

“It’s a really great script”, Robinson tells Moviehole from his Sydney office. “We plan to shoot it this Summer in Los Angeles”.

A high-calibre cast has already expressed interest in the film, he tells. Its believed that Greg Kinnear, Bridget Moynahan, Lance Henriksen and Michael Vartan may be in early talks. “He would be the serial killer. I think he’d be great – something very different for him”, says Robinson, of the actor who next headlines fellow Aussie Greg McLean’s “Rogue”.

Sounds a bit cheesy - stay tuned to see if Michael signs up for this role...





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