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Michelle Pfeiffer Zac Efron New Year's Eve Interview (Video)

Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer Talk Improv and Scene Crashing in New Year's Eve

Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron form an unlikely duo in New Year's Eve. Michelle plays a reserved receptionist and Zac is a smooth-talking bike messenger whose paths happen to collide on the holiday, but this isn't the first time the pair have teamed up on the big screen. They also costarred in Hairspray a few years ago, and when we caught up with them at the recent press day for their latest film, Zac admitted to feeling a little nervous around Michelle back then. This time, however, he played a big role in pulling his leading lady out of her shell with a scene they improv'd at the last minute! Check out our interview to hear about the cute moment and catch New Year's Eve when it hits theaters on Dec. 9.

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I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Okay, well you fooled me, and everyone else around you. All right. Good job, Zac. Did we just improv that? We just did it. Yeah. Really? So can you guys tell me a little bit about working together for the second time? I know recently, Zac, you said that sure you're a little nervous around Michelle on Hairspray. Did that change a little time around? We were just one of the young guys in the movie, me and Nicky. We didn't know what we were doing. And she always carried herself as such. Is this new to you? This is not true. You didn't know what you were doing. I had. All right. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Okay. Well, you fooled me. All right. And everyone else around you. Good job, Zac. She has a presence about her. I was immediately, you know, enamored and very taken with her. And I've always put my foot my mouth every time I talk to her. Okay. I could not think of. That's not true. Yes it was. Well, that's the way I remember it, but this time around, I was a little bit older. A bit more mature and I got to talk to you over the phone and we discussed the character and what was so cool is you said I think we need to kick it up a notch. We gotta go a little bit further than what's in the script. And I heard that, and I was like, yes, let's do it. Let's push it. Well, because we weren't originally supposed to end up, well, we don't know if we're gonna end up together or not. Right. You know, the ending was different. It was very different. It 's nearly as exciting. And we were on the phone and we were like, no. Let's go through. We could get through this movie together, not sure. You know, let's take it there. And you know, to Gary's credit. He was open to it all. Yeah. I was a little surprised. She was down. I was excited. It was awesome. Now, Michelle, you look so different in this film. How did you work on your character's physicality and what? You know, it was funny. It was so a stroke of luck because that end scene, New Year's Eve. Actually, the party. Gary, last minute, decided to throw us in it. We weren't even supposed to be in it, and so that pink pom-pom I wear in my hair. I just saw that and I just thought that's the character and I didn't know why. It was just visceral and so, I brought it thinking they were gonna laugh me out of the, you know, fitting room. Anyway, everybody signed off on it, which made me nervous. So, in kind of that scene and then I just worked backward and it was just sort of who this person who is literally gone to and from her apartment for all of these years and never seen, listen, you never seen all these things in New York. Right. Who is that person? Realistically, there is no way she would ever get out, onto that dance floor. So Paul, being the guy that he is, decided to just pick her up and take her out there, set her on the dance floor. And that basically sums up our relationship. So, I was like, really? Really? Yeah. That was that so far. Did you ask Gary? Did we just improve that? We just did it, yeah. Yeah, really? Yeah. No dance practice for that? Nothing. Nope. And it was the end of the night, they've been working all night. They were all exhausted. they weren't, I don't even think that interested in seeing us do anything. I think it was just like, oh, let's just get it, some frames of them dancing. It kind of perked everyone up. Yeah. Yeah, and then everyone really kind of got into it, and it was a fun way to end the evening.

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