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Michelle Williams at 2012 Oscar Luncheon (Video)

Video: Michelle Williams Is Still Searching For an Oscar Dress but Is Prepared With Snacks

Michelle Williams swung through today's Oscar nominee luncheon, where she told reporters she'd rather listen than ask questions if she ever had the chance to sit down with Marilyn Monroe. The My Week With Marilyn star admitted she hasn't secured a dress for the award show just yet, but she is planning ahead for the big day. Hear what snack the mother of one will be packing for herself in this cute backstage chat.

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Hello. Fox News? Hi, Michelle. Congratulations. Thank you. Tell me, having invested so much time in to becoming Marilyn; if you could ask her question that you still don't know what would that be? Gosh, somebody asked me that once, what would I, if I had a cup of coffee with her, what would I ask her. And I don't think that I've, I think I would just just wanna listen. There's not one burning question in my heart. I just would wanna listen to what she had to say. Hi . Hi. Thank you. You too. We're getting close to the big day. How close are you to finding the dress, and if you've found it, what comes Oh gosh, I wish I had something to tell you but I don't. Cool. If everybody finds one. No. Will you have it? No. No. Should I worry? How many days away is it exactly? No. He's still cute. So, what professional way, it has this like, I have this, you know, I'm involved and done that myself, so what is that process like for you? You know, luckily it's a process that involves other people. I'm not alone in trying to figure out what that is going to be. So I'm sort of dealing with what's in front of me and what my work is, my job is, and and luckily enough, I get to work with really talented people who that's their specialty. Last question. So, you've been here before. You've kind of gone through it. What did you learn the last time that you kind of bring into it this time, like, whether it's to pack a granola bar or you know drink a lot of water, get to sleep whatever thing is that gets you through it. Definitely bring a snack. Yeah, I mean it sounds like maybe you've been there before so you know to pack your granola bar. Thank you much. Thank you. Thank you.

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