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Miley Cyrus Talks Engagement in Marie Claire | Video

Video: Miley Responds to Engagement Critics: "Life Is Too Short!"

Miley Cyrus strikes a sexy pose for the September issue of Marie Claire! The starlet graces the cover of the magazine, and in a behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot, she addresses those who think she's settling down too soon. Hear what she has to say, including details of her engagement to Liam, in this PopSugar Rush!

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A lot of people I think say, you know, I can't believe they're getting married. They're so young. Miley Cyrus answers critics and shows off her ring in a new interview. Hey, there. I'm Lauren Bradshaw. Hear what Miley has to say to those who said she may be getting engaged too young in today's Pop Sugar Rush. Miley Cyrus strikes a sex pose for the September issue of Marie Claire. The newly engaged star graces the cover of the magazine, and in a behind the scene's video from a photo shoot she addresses [xx] who think she's settling down too soon. A lot of people I think say, you know, "I can't believe they're getting married. They're so young." But it's like life is too short to not live every moment, making the [xx] Pop Sugar editor Brittany Stevens is joining me now for more on the interview, including details on Miley's engagement. Hey Hey. So let's jump right into this interview because Miley talked a lot about Liam and about getting engaged. Yeah. 'Cause this Marie Claire shoot took place just hours after this engagement news was announced the public in June. So it definitely seemed like she was still kind of reeling from the excitement of that news. Right. And, I mean, did she say anything at all about wedding plans? I mean, do we know if it's happening any time Well she did say that they're planning on a long engagement, which should help to appease some of her fans that thought they were jumping into something too quickly and she also says that she doesn't really really care so much about the wedding as much as the promise that they are making to each other, which is really sweet. Yeah, very sweet. And we did see in some of the photos that she is wearing her engagement ring in the shoot. did she talk about it at all? I know she said that Liam had all the input and she had no input whatsoever. Well, she said that she saw the ring, something like it online and thought it was really pretty but overall Liam's proposal was a total surprise, not even her parent's knew it was coming. Well now that's suprising to me because Miley is so close to her parents, that for them to know, he must have really kept it under wraps. Yeah. I think, you know, her parents were definitely...they're close. And they were even on the shoot with her dad was teasing her, telling her when she smiled for photos how much she looked like a little girl. It was very sweet. Well, if Liam and Miley aren't planning their wedding right now which it sounds like they're not. What are they up to next? Well, Miley has been with Liam in Philadelphia, where he's shooting Paranoia. She did return to LA this past weekend where she showed off this new, dramatic, platinum-blonde hairdo. They haven't really been spending too much time apart lately, so we're sure we'll see Miley back with him soon. But that may get hard 'cause he's gonna be on location for "Catching Fire" soon. Right, okay. Well, thanks so much for filling us in. Thanks . And you can check out Miley's full interview with Marie Claire when the issue hits newsstands on August 14th. And to see the behind-the-scenes video, just head over to I'm Lauren Bradshaw and thanks for watching, PopSugar Rush.

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Sabrina2782617 Sabrina2782617 3 years
Although I personally think I was too young to get engaged or know what I want at that age- I certainly agree with her that if you know what you want why wait. I think they make a very cute couple
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