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NBC Bent's David Walton Interview (Video)

Bent's David Walton on Working With His Crush and a New Brand of Romantic Comedy

Bent star David Walton's offbeat sense of humor and romantic appeal have already garnered lots of love from TV critics, including our own BuzzSugar team. David recently visited PopSugar Studios to talk about working with his longtime crush Amanda Peet on the new NBC series and playing a character who, while he might remodel homes for a living, has a personal life that's in a state of disrepair. We also heard about some of the unintentional hilarity that arises from shooting on the colorful streets of Venice, CA, and the handyman skills David's picked up while shooting the series. Watch our interview and check out Bent on NBC tomorrow at 9:00/8:00 central!

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The reason I was interested was like Amanda Peet was like, I had a crush on her growing up. We were like, really into this scene and someone, would skateboard by, with like, two-foot dreadlocks and be like this is all lie! Hey guys. This is Lindsey from Pop Sugar and I'm here with David Walton from the new NBC comedy Bent. How's it going? It's going great, good to be here Lindsey. So tell people a little bit about what they can expect from the show and your character Pete. The show is quite addictive, which I wasn't really expecting, like people who watch it, can't stop watching which are cool thing. And it's also got a really unique tone, like it's funny but it's heartwarming and it's sexy and titillating but it's the kind of humor that I don't think is on TV right now, which I think is really cool. As far as my character you can expect a bit of getting himself into some trouble. Right. As hard as he's trying to do the right thing. He maybe sleeps with too many people, he maybe smokes too much pot. Sure. And he maybe gambles too much, but now he's recovering from his gambling addict and sort of get his life back in order. So tell me a little bit about auditioning for this role. Was Amanda cast before you came on board? A hundred per cent, like that's the reason I was interested, it's like Amanda Peet, I had a crush on her growing up. I get the call from my agent, like " they liked you and Amanda doing chemistry " basically blocked out I was so nervous and for about a minute or two I don't remember a thing but then I sort of came to we started playing off each other and I guess the chemistry was there. You know most of the time I'm a pretty good influence on Chuck. Yeah you should open a charter school She's resilient than you think. You're telling me about my kid? Just one contractor's opinion. How come you can't go ten seconds without saying something annoying? You inspire me. Well, in the first two episodes we kind of got a sense of Alex and Pete relationship and little bit of sexual tension, and we saw that Alex actually, is in a relationship of her own. So, how is that going to unfold and his next two episodes? It's very clear. The boyfriend, played by Matt Letscher, knows that I want his girlfriend, Amanda Peet, so we have sort of a war of words, and there's nothing sort of hidden about the fact that we don't like each other. Right. So there will be some fighting, there'll be some posturing, some status play. So you guys have some great supporting cast members too, with J.B. and Jeffrey Tambor playing your father, that's got to be amazing. The legendary Jeffrey Tambor. David Delaney and I had a thing, it never consummated but, it distracted her. So you know, Amanda has been on several TV shows. What's it been like to work with her? Is there anything you've kind of taken away from your working relationship? She's so sweet, she's completely sweet to everyone she works with. I cross my fingers no matter what happens in my life that I always stay like that. Now we interviewed J.B. recently, and he was saying that you guys really don't fake it with the power-tools and everything on site, is that accurate? Oh yeah, nail guns all nail guns. And actually I do not trust J. B. with the nail guns, so you can tell him from me to stay away. Had you like picked up any handyman skills? From shooting? Yes, I have actually, I had the confidence to put a dimmer in my house. Wow, that's not easy. That is not easy. Hey, you know, I almost got electrocuted. Whatever obviously Pete comes on the scene because he is remodeling Alex's kitchen so what you think what happens once the kitchen gets finished Yeah, that'll be after our hundredth episode and we'll just be doing our tribute shows and all that sort of stuff. I like and maybe moving on to another room in the house, you know. That house looks like it could use a lot of work. Oh my God, yeah. There's one in the future episode actually this week, there's an episode where Alex, Amanda Peet's boyfriend and I have a fight in Amanda Peet's bedroom. And her bedroom is so disgusting that we end up bonding over it. I can imagine because she's like busy lawyer, working mom. She's got like bran muffins crumbled onto the bed, like a heating pad. Super sexy. Yeah, it's literally the most unsexy bedroom you guys actually shoot a lot of the show in Venice, yeah, which is not to far from here, which is so fun, yeah Venice is like another character, in the world. character in the show so people out in America and all that stuff, you're going to get a real sense of what the famous Venice, California is really like. Right, what's it been like to sort fo be community there, people sort of getting used to you guys shooting? Yes, some people are getting used to it. Right. Some people continue to not get used to really anything in life. It's true, yeah. There's a lot people who have a few screws loose in Venice which gives it part of it's charm. But we would be doing a scene and you'd be really into the scene, and then someone would skateboard by with like two-foot dreadlocks, and like, this is all a lie! tell little bit what we can expect this season goes on from your xx relationship, specially with Jeffry xx Yes, so my relationship with my dad evolves over the course of the season. my mom shows up, played by oscar winner Marsha Day Harden. Wow. Wow. Well thank you so much for coming by today. Thank you Lindsay. And be sure to tune in for the next episode of the Bent on NBC this Wednesday at 9/8 central.

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