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Nicole Is Glad to be Back Filming with Paris

Nicole and Paris's friendship had a tumultuous year, but the scandalous dynamic duo is back in best friend mode and ready to talk about it. Nicole recently sat down with OK! magazine to dish about how happy she is the two of them are back together and showing us their Simple Life. Here's highlights:

  • On The Simple Life:
    Last season it was definitely a little lonely because I was shooting by myself with a bunch of people I didn't know. I think it's always more fun to do something with your friend, and it's nice that we get to film together again."
  • On her feud with Paris:
    "It got so blown up that at the VMA's in August, the woman who was looking after me was having this intense vibe with her walkie-talkie, like, 'Okay, come to the stairs, go through this back door.' I didn't understand why I was doing this maze, and finally Paris and I crossed paths. The escorts were really trying to make it so we didn't see each other. It was ridiculous. When we ended up talking again, we recapped that night and laughed."

We're glad the girls don't have to be lonely on-set and can laugh about that whole mess now. The Simple Life isn't as delightfully insipid without the two of them together.


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