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The O.C. Countdown!

The season premiere of The O.C. is just one day away! This year Rachel Bilson steps up to leading lady now that Mischa is gone. We can't wait to see what they have planned for Summer and the whole gang this season. Here's more:

The episode, titled “The Avengers,” finds the gang adjusting to life without Marissa’s smiling face, sweeps-season lesbianism and chair-in-the-pool-tossing ways. Without her rampant materialism as an influence, Summer has reinvented herself as a environmental activist (egad!), while Ryan is going back to his choker-wearing, bad-boy ways and Taylor finds refuge in the diner so no one will know that she’s not in Paris.

The real question is - will The O.C. be the same without Mischa Barton? What will Ryan do without her - oh right - he'll be some sort of cagefighter. We just want to see our favorite couple back on the small screen. If you absolutely can't wait until Thursday to find out, you can watch it now on myspace. Call us old fashioned but we appreciate season premiere nights so we're waiting - that means no spoilers in comments people.

Lots more pics of Rachel Bilson looking adorable as usual so read more












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