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Video: Big Winners, Gorgeous Gowns, and Behind-the-Scenes Scoop — Watch Our 2012 Oscars Wrap-Up Show!

We've finally reached the end of award season, but before we say goodbye, we're taking a look at the major highlights from last night's Oscars! Watch as our editors break down everything from the best-dressed ladies of the night to the biggest winners — and find out what happened on the red carpet that you didn't see. It's all in our special wrap-up show. Take a look!

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Hi, it's Allison McNamara. And I'm Lyndsay Miller. And welcome to Pop Sugar's special look at the 2012 Oscars, The Morning After. That's right, over the next few minutes, we're gonna look back at all the big highlights from last night from the fashion, to the big winners, to the after party. So let's dive right in and talk about the big win of the night,The Artist. Absolutely. You know, they took home best director, best actor and best picture, which I think was a lot from a start. No surprised there. What do you think about supporting actors? Well, there weren't to many in the supporting actor and actress categories last night. Either Christopher Plummer took it home. He's 82, this is his first Oscar, so really exciting night for him and I think a lot of people expected him to win. Definitely. I also loved Octavia's speech. I thought she was so cute, so genuine and so surprised, even though we all thought she was the front runner. Absolutely, but her speech was really touching, very sweet. But one surprise of the night, controversial at best, Meryl Streep. Yeah. You know, I really thought Viola Davis was going to take home the big award last night, but Meryl swept it. I know, well, let's take a look at her speech. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. I When they called my name, I had this feeling I could hear half of America going, "Oh, no. Oh, come on. Why her, again?" You know? But, whatever. I actually, love her. She is so funny, and I love that she was able to make fun of herself. Yeah, it shows some self awareness, and I thought it was a cute moment. We actually put a poll up on BuzzSugar to see what you guys thought of the win, and actually 55% of you agreed with it, and 45% of you didn't, so it's pretty 50/50. Absolutely. Another person who's controversial though, was host Billy Crystal. So what did you think? It's true. You know, Billy was in a way a safe choice. This was his ninth time hosting the Oscars. And I think maybe the Academy was going with something safer this year after James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted last year. I think there maybe could have been a happy medium between the two. But he did have some funny moments, you know? You always expect him to do the opening montage where he inserts himself into some figures in movies. Totally, and it was great. Definitely. And so, there was one clip with George Clooney that I think, people are still talking about. Let's take a look. Please wake up. We're all ready for you to come home, where you belong. This is the villa? George, let's make pasta and maybe it will rain. They 're just so funny, I love George Clooney, such a good sport. I know, he was a really good sport all night long. This was really just the beginning. There are also a lot of really funny moments. One of my personal favorites was Will Ferrell with Zach Galifianakis, when they presented Best Original Score and the symbols. So good, right? I also love when the Bridesmaids presented. Absolutely. And they resurrected their Martin Scorsese drinking game from the SAG Awards, which was pretty fun. Totally. Love that. And speaking of the Brides Maid's cast I know that Kristen Wiig's dress was one of your favorites last night. It was amazing. J Mendel, I think was one of her best red carpet moments yet. Absolutely. Well, let's talk a little bit about fashion from last night. All right. Well, I actually loved Michelle Williams. She was nominated for Best Actress. She didn't win, but in my book, she won for best dressed. I absolutely loved her Louis Vuitton. Orange, as you can see in the back. She has this beautiful rhinestone collar necklace, there's a really cute, sweet bow detailing at the hip, and I just loved it, she even had a pink clutch. I know. And you know what was great about this dress too, I know we were talking about how tough it is to pull off red on the red carpet, but this kind of coral electric tone really worked Yeah, also the carpet was more burgundy so this really popped against it. I also love that she came with Busy Phillips, who had pink shoes on as well. Not sure they coordinated the pink and pink, but I really liked it. Yeah. Now what were some of your other favorites? I loved Angelina Jolie as well. I think she's always such a classic beauty. As you can see here, she's in black. She looks fantastic. This is actually velvet. You can't really see it in this frame right here, but it's this rich velvet. It's Atelier Versace. She's worn a lot of Versace this season, especially to the Golden Globes; that beautiful dress she wore there. And again, the red lip, she can do no wrong in my book. Well, and who can forget the leg on this dress. Pretty amazing. It actually ended up with it's own Twitter account by the end of the night. She also let everyone know about it. She was not hiding that leg anywhere. Well, I thought this dress was a little more daring than she usually goes with the volume at the hip. Definitely. She usually goes for more streamlined silhouettes and this is definitely more bustled, bigger for her. Right. But she looks fantastic. I also loved her hair, here. Agree. Anyone that you loved in particular? Well, I was a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow's Tom Ford. I thought the cape detailing was absolutely amazing, really modern, really fresh. And it was kind of cool too that she got a second look in a way because she took the cape off when she presented. Definitely, she also wore that sans cape to the after parties. The cape is really fashion-forward. I'm actually surprised so many people were behind it. I personally loved it, but the cape could have gone either way with people, I think. Absolutely. Let's take a look at the poll and see what you guys thought. All right, so as you can see, Gwyneth Paltrow winning in Tom Ford. Again, I'm surprised by that. Yeah, I mean this is the Fab Sugar poll, she's pretty close with Michelle Williams on this one. But you know, I'm surprised so many people reacted so well to this dress, only because it is a bit edgy. Definitely.Well, we've talked about our favorite looks on the red carpet but let's go into our favorite interviews and see everything that happened there. Our very own PopSugar editor Molly Goodson was live on the red carpet, so we're going to bring her out to hear all the inside details from the red carpet. Hey, Naly. Hi, guys. Good, how are you? Pretty good you had some amazing interviews last night. It was so much fun the Oscars red carpet just such an incredible energy everyone's done all the hard work to get there and now time to have some fun. Octavia Spencer, one of the night's big winners, was one of my favorite interviews. She joked that her Tadashi dress, gave her curves that she never even knew she has before. she looks amazing, now, you've got to say. She was just glowing,and she also revealed that her favorite memory of this whole award season was just the first time The Help got it's first [xx], and since then it's just been an incredible ride. Lovely, who else did you talk to? Leslie Mann. Yes, I also talked to Octavia costar in the help, Viola Davis, who I thought looked lovely in the green. I know the dress is a little controversial, but I thought she looked great. Vera Wang was beautiful, I thought, especially that color on her? Divine. And with the makeup and the earrings as well? That went well together. She, you know, talked about how she went with a very natural look with her hair 'cause she just wanted to feel like herself on her big night even though she didn't end up winning. I thought she looked beautiful. I thought the hair was great. I loved it. Again, yeah, I love the whole monochromatic look. I think it really works for her and works on her skin tone and everything. Yeah. And then I also got to chat with Leslie Mann. We got to see her and her husband Judd Apatow and Jason Segel first take a bunch of personal photos together. They are posing. They're all clearly very excited to be there. Jason Segel kept stepping on her gorgeous dress, unfortunately, but she was a good sport about it. And she also described getting a kiss on the cheek from George Clooney as magical. That would be magical. I wonder what Judd thought about that too? He was not there when she was describing it but, you know, she was just excited to be there with her husband who was a nominee for Bridesmaids. Very cool. So, who from The Artist did you talk to? We actually got to speak to Bernice Bejo, who was a nominee as well, as Supporting Actress category. She did not win, but her partner in life, Michel Hazanavicius, the director of The Artist did, so it was a huge night for them. And Best Picture too, so she won in the end. Of course, so let's take a look at their interview. Do you have any specific memories in this award season that have been, like, stood out to you moments? You know, it's been so crazy everyday, I can't really think about anything right now. I will, you know, maybe something will pop out in six months, but right now everything is incredible, so I'm just. Such a great interview, but did you have a favorite red carpet moment I did. My favorite red carpet moment actually came at the very end. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the last people to leave the carpet. They were like calling everybody in but Brad, there, was taking his sweet time, so Brad actually stopped to say hello, to get a message to the troops, and Angelina started to go into the show and at this point, she turns she has no idea where he is. She throws her hands up. She's like, "Where is Brad?" It was actually really adorable. And she still looked fantastic. And you actually snapped this picture, didn't you? I did, I did. And he caught up with her very soon after that, so they went in together. But it was just one of those funny red carpet moments. This is pretty amazing. Not gonna lie. So funny. Well, now that we've heard about the red carpet, let's find out what happened back in the press room. So, now we're gonna bring out, Buzz Sugar's Becky Kirsch to hear what happened after the winners went backstage. Hey Becky, how's it going? Hi, it's good, how How are you guys doing? Good. So tell us all about what went down in the press room. Well, I think the press room is one of the best places to be because obviously the winners are so excited they're talking off the cuff. The only problem is that the biggest awards of the night come at the end, so the winners are really anxious to get their party on. They don't really want to talk that much. But everyone did stop by, which was really cool. Do you have a favorite moment from that? Well, you know, one of the best moments was Meryl Streep, you know, was just talking about how they can't wait to get out of there and she was even joking that she was getting a little thirsty but... For champagne, maybe. Gotta celebrate the win. Yes, exactly, among other things. But you know she was so sweet, she was talking about, you know, the Streep fatigue, she had also talked about in her acceptance speech. But she's just so great, so wonderful. And then, you know, Christopher Plummer, who is one of my favorites. He's just like so eloquent and has made the best speech all season long, and he was talking a little bit about how his character that he played in Beginners is Gay and someone was asking him, you know, do you love the Oscar? And it's sort of a silly question, but he said, you know, if the Oscar's gay, then I love the Oscar. I'm sure the Oscar loves him, so. Really funny. and then of course "The Artist" won so many awards, so there was a lot of French-speaking in the press room, which Yes. Because Jean doesn't really speak English that well. No, he really doesn't and they had a translator there for him, but so much of it was happening in French and someone had actually asked if he had dropped an F-bomb in his acceptance speech, but he misheard what the question was, and was like, "Oh you know, what did I say in French, I was saying thank you, I was saying it's incredible." And then the translator kind of whispered in his ear and then he realized, you know, he turned bright red, and he said, "Yes, I did". He pulled a Melissa Leo. "I'm sorry." He pulled a Melissa Leo. Yeah, exactly. Well, let's take a look. At the end of your acceptance speech, did you perhaps drop the French equivalent of the F-word? I said, "It's amazing, it's incredible, it's unbelievable. Thank you. Yeah, I'm sorry." press room and the show itself. So, all we have left, are the after parties. So, let's bring out Pop Sugar's Katie Henry, to tell us all about the Elton John party, the Governor's Ball and the Vanity Fair party. Hi, Katie. Hi, guys. Hello. How goes it? Super. So the celebrations did not end when that last Oscar was given out last night. Tell us a little bit about all the parties. They certainly did not end, so let's talk about Vanity Fair, because that was definitely the hottest ticket in town with the A-list coming out in full force. It was a who's who of Hollywood. It really was. It was a great crowd this year. So we had David and Victoria Beckham, who looked amazing. She was wearing one of her own designs. Fantastic. They were holding hands, they were taking photos together. And then inside the party they met up with some of their famous friends like Tom Cruise, who presented Best Picture. He met up with Katie at the event. I love her thick bangs there too. She looked fantastic. And then inside the party, guests were served dinner and then they cleared out all the tables for some major dancing. Jennifer Lopez was there with her boyfriend, Casper Smart, so we know those two probably will be down on the dance floor. Showed off their moves. Showed off their moves. She was wearing another amazing, daring dress, I should say. Zuhair Murad. Necklines for J-lo last night. Yeah, both by Zuhair Murad and they were both very revealing in front, but she can pull it off. Oh, she can definitely pull it off. So, inside the party we saw people like Katie Holmes, obviously Kate Hudson Cameron Diaz. Those two were kind of taking photos. Gwyneth Paltrow, I'm sure she got on the dance floor as well. We know she loves to dance. So it looks like it was like a really good party. Well, also there's the Governor's Ball, which go to right after the Oscars 'cause they're right next to each other. And it's the official after party too, so. It is. It is the official after party, so we saw a lot of the winners going over to the Governor's Ball, which is directly outside of the Oscars really close, walking distance. So we saw people like Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer and Meryl Streep and all these people, like...a lot of the people from The Help were there, a lot of people from Descendants were there, Sandra Bullock, as well. Sandra Bullock was there, she really wanted to see Octavia Spencer get her Oscar engraved, so she ran over to the Oscar station, and was like "Where is so she couldn't find her, so she went back outside where she met up with Meryl Streep. The pair gave a hug, it was a really great moment, so it was really fun there, too. It was kind of a chill vibe, they had passed and people were walking out with their newly-engraved statues. Lovely. Well, for people who actually didn't go to the Oscars, there was the Elton John viewing party. And you were actually live on the red carpet? I was. I was in the white carpet. Yeah. It was a white carpet. It was very chic, very glamorous. I talked to Elton for a little bit. He was so nice, so generous. And, you know, he was really excited to be able to throw this party for the twentieth anniversary this year. He was joined at the event by his husband, David Furnish. And they even brought their little son Zachary. Oh, very cute. So it was really sweet. It was a family event for them. And it's also for such a great cause. It benefits the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Like you said, they've been doing this so many years and they raised a ton of money last night too. Yeah, and there were a lot of hot couples at this party as well. We saw Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth there. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, and then, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Anna looked great. She was wearing Pucci. She looked so great. Nina looked fantastic in her J. Mendel. I loved the cut outs. Beautiful. Really beautiful. Nina and Ian both did press, they talked down the carpet, but they didn't do press together. So, you know, they're still a couple. But you talked to Ian! I did, I did. I talked to Ian. He was really adorable. Really excited to be there and he really wanted to drink champagne. So I asked him, I said, "Ian, are So excited, are you gonna be filling out a ballot tonight? And, he said, I think I wanna be more focused on having champagne tonight. Well, if there's a place to do that, it would be the Oscars 'cause then they have like, thousands of bottles everywhere. Well it was a celebration, yeah. Well, let's take a look at your interview. Gosh, they're all incredible. They're all incredible. I was at the Independent Spirit award yesterday. I was hanging out with Willem Dafoe and James Cromwell. Like, all these just incredible people, and so it's a really unique opportunity to be here and be in this town at this time, so. Are you going to keep scoring even if the ballot's in? No, I think I'm going to drink champagne. I need a night off. Well, thank you so much, Katie, for sharing all those insider details with us. And we've actually officially reached the end of award season, so thank you so much for tuning in. It's hard to believe it's over, but you know, we'll be back here next year bringing you tons of great coverage. Stay tuned. See you next year.

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