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Owen, Kate & Chris NOT You, Me and Dupree

Owen, Kate & Chris NOT You, Me and Dupree

Is the latest Hollywood triangle over? We already told you Kate was second guessing splitting with Chris. The couple have been seen out with their son Ryder and now word is the two will spend the upcoming holiday weekend watching NASCAR events in Fontana, CA. Looks like Kate realized Owen is one of those perpetual bachelors.

As for Owen, he apparently had a girl on the side that found out about the supposed affair with Kate from the tabloids. Poor girl thought they were getting more serious but then when she wanted to know more, she emailed him and Owen replied, 'We have to talk when I get back to L.A." Now he is trying to make it clear that he is single. He said, "I'm single despite what people say. I think hopefully that I'll meet someone that I'll want to have a family with, that's what I would like," he stated.


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