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lesocialite lesocialite 8 years
haha i would have bought that bra. :) it just looks like she put on weight.
I swear! Fake eyes, fake hair, fake fake breasts. Makes those of us who have all that beauty naturally look ordinary...
Sami10 Sami10 8 years
She's definitely gained weight, that's all. You can see it in her arms and legs. She's been gaining for months now. Not saying she's fat because she was painfully thin before.
Imabeliever Imabeliever 8 years
Are we sure this isn't a male celebrity impersonator? Or a tranny who just competed in the Paris look-a-like contest? Seriously.. she looks hideous in that pic.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 8 years
:rotfl: Molly! You didn't get me with the Jess and John story, but I was reading this and totally going OMG I need to get that bra!!!! :rotfl:
AC AC 8 years
Is it me or has she gained a tiny bit of weight. IM NOT CALLING HER FAT. She just looks a bit more buxom in OTHER areas besides the boobies. Legs mostly. I noticed in some other pictures days ago but disregarded it. But again she looks like it again.
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 8 years
ilove2ski ilove2ski 8 years
Thank you t-hive! "I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can watch you live and breathe your storylines"
t_hive88 t_hive88 8 years
She didn't get a boob job. She had no boobs like 4 days ago! "V.I.P 'cause you know I gotta shine..."
misspoli misspoli 8 years
Why someone would want to dress like her? ************************************************************* "To be or not to be: That is the question!" William Shakespeare
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 8 years
LOL, loved the name of the line, "The Fake-Body by Paris: Just Like The Rest of Her" :) Good one!
chingers chingers 8 years
ahhahaah i actually believed you....even the whole "fake...just like the rest of her" label name. loves it : )
urokmyworld09 urokmyworld09 8 years
hehehe i was like 'wouldn't a surgery coste less???'
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 8 years
:ROTFL: good one.
SparklinSeahorSe SparklinSeahorSe 8 years
haha! i had to go back and reread the name of the line... i was like "what?! they seriously named it that???" good prank. i totally fell for it.
skinny_jeans skinny_jeans 8 years
her boobs do look good though i have to say.
BLECH!! she makes me gag! :-P im sure she got implants. its a bout time too! shes gotten everything else done! >:-O
tati33 tati33 8 years
oh my gosh. she does not need to be affiliated with victorias secret...and what magic push up bra is she really's very obvious that its fake! blah!
Lucky-Penny Lucky-Penny 8 years
Too funny! You got me & I even read the Jess & John first. :)
nati nati 8 years
ohilovemybabies ohilovemybabies 8 years
I think Paris Hilton is extremely ugly... But, I Must confess I did love watching her on the 1st couple of seasons of the Simple Life.. She also seemed alot more respectable that Nicole on those shows... too bad she is such a slut...
flutterpie flutterpie 8 years
Not to be rude or anything.... i dont think she his used to her new set of twins. she is always looking like she is going to fall forward. i mean she probably just learned how to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, now she has that extra weight, god her life can be soo hard sometimes.
JustMe21 JustMe21 8 years
Skanky skanky.
appreciated appreciated 8 years
Aww damn I was kinda excited for the crazy push up bra! lol
Beth1122 Beth1122 8 years
oh my god I so fell for that. I was like, Dang they are really going to call it that??? hahaha
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