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Penelope Continues to Laugh off Rumors

Penelope continues to joke about the rumors that her and Salma Hayek are lovers. Letterman sat her down last night and brought up the subject in a round about way. Penelope was talking about her love of photography which prompted David to show the audience a few pics that Penelope had taken of Salma for Interview magazine. This of course led to David delving a little further into their relationship. Here's more:

"That day was funny, because we are both very bossy, but that day I was, like, 'Today, I give the orders,'" she said, describing the day of the photo shoot. "So I put her in a swimming pool for hours and hours. And she behaved really well. She listened to everything."

Then Letterman brought out a photo of Hayek and Cruz on the red carpet at an unnamed event. In the shot, the two actresses were facing away from the camera. Noting Cruz's left hand on Hayek's derrière, Letterman said, "Here's somebody giving her the old hi-ho."

"You know what they've been saying because of that picture?" Cruz asked. "We are like sisters and we have some sense of humor. We did that in front of 100 photographers. And the story now is that we are lovers."

She added, "I'm sorry to say that is not the case."

It's great that Penelope can laugh off the whole thing so easily. If anything she seems to be embracing the racy rumors. That's one way to keep people talking! For pics just

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