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Penelope Cruz as Nintendo's Mario (Video)

Video: See Penelope Cruz Wear a Mustache and More Videos of the Week!

It's time for our roundup of the week's best videos starring celebrities! From Penelope Cruz's mustache to Kate Hudson's catty attitude to One Direction's newest cover, we're taking a look at the clips that everyone was talking about, including the fun movie montage that has us dancing in our seats. Check them out in this PopSugar Rush.

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Penelope Cruz wears a mustache, Kate Hudson gets catty, and more of our favorite videos of the week starring celebrities. Hey there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and joining me is PopSugar editor Brittney Stephens. Hi . We're taking a look at the videos that everyone was talking about in this PopSugar Rush. Can I have a bathroom please? That was Penelope Cruz of course donning a mustache to play Mario for this new commercial for Super Mario Brothers 2, for Nintendo 3DS. How do you feel she did with Mario? I think she made an excellent Mario, it's really fun to see her dressed up and playing this silly character. Her sister, Monica is in the video with her and I think it would have been even better if Monica was dressed up as Luigi. Oh my gosh, that would have been brilliant, I would have loved to have seen that. Right. Well, the next clip we have is also an ad, it's actually for Glee with Kate Hudson, who as we know is coming to the show this season. But from the looks of it, she is not playing nice. I bet you were a big star in Iowa. Actually, I'm from Ohio. Ohio? Even worse. So Kate Hudson is going to be on the season premiere of Glee on September 13th. What do we know about her character? Well, Kate is playing Cassandra July, who is a sexy dance teacher at Rachel Berry's new performing arts school in New York. We're going to see her on 6 episodes. Okay. And it looks like she and Rachel Berry are gonna butt heads a bit so it should be interesting. Right . Yeah, especially because I feel like Kate Hudson normally plays more of the "nice girl" character which this obviously is not. Right it should be very entertaining. Okay, well, our next video is from One Direction who did a cover of "Wonder Wall," on the set of their music video for "What Makes You Beautiful". Today was gonna be the day that they never throw it back to you. By now you should have somehow realized what you gotta do. I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now. We just saw the boys over last weekend for the Olympics closing ceremony and here they are doing a cover. So what did you think of their rendition? I think they sounded fantastic. I loved the original songs. It was really cool to see them do this. They also did Jason Mraz's I'm Yours for a video online so it seems like they are really into covers lately. And their star is only on the rise, of course. Exactly. Well the final video of the week was a huge hit and it's easy to see why because the kids going to watch, so take a look. I love this video and a lot of work went into it. But, I think it was worth it. Yeah, definitely, I mean, it's hilarious. I mean it's a great distraction from a day at work, I think. Yeah. It seems really similar to this other popular video to Lionel Richie's "Hello" that came out earlier this year. Right. But yeah, like you said, a lot of work put into it, and it's really fun. Okay, well thanks Brit for running through these videos with us. Thanks for having me. And have a great weekend everyone. I'm Lauren Bradshaw and we will see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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