Photos of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Getting Food and Going to Jessica Alba's House in LA

Nicole and Joel Grab Burgers and Keep Up Celebrity Friendships

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden hosted a lavish New Year's bash in Vegas, but over the weekend it was back to their regular schedule. Fresh off a 5 a.m. return to LA, January 1 required some caffeine for Nicole before fitting in a New Year's Day hike. Saturday they grabbed lunch at the 8 oz. Burger Bar. Joel twittered about returning to the studio on Sunday, and Nicole had her own life updates — including a celebrity sighting of Monica Lewinsky. Yesterday, the Richie-Maddens were spotted heading into Cash Warren and Jessica Alba's house for a playdate. Nicole and Joel's family is one of your favorites for 2009 and they're already off to a sweet start this decade.

Image Source: Ginsburg/Spaly Inc