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whiterabbit1 whiterabbit1 5 years
For those of you saying that Johnny is overrated and can only play cartoony characters ... well, clearly, you have not seen Donnie Brasco or What's Eating Gilbert Grape -- or you just weren't paying attention. Both are earlier films when Depp was mostly ignored and people hadn't gotten around to actually appreciating him yet. Both performances are award-worthy. He was also good in Chocolat and From Hell. And, as for Finding Neverland ... I know everyone likes what they like but, I dare most of you to watch that movie and not cry watching him with those kids (Freddie Highmore!) and Kate Winslet -- even my DAD cried and I have really only seen him cry one other time in my life! On a final note, who cares if he can play cartoony characters, he definitely brings it all when he does and can really deliver! Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Benny & Joon (although you could argue that he was not playing a cartoony character).
jackiered jackiered 5 years
agree with you under most circumstances nd, but think on here part of the fun is acting a bit like a film critic without being too mean spirited. We all have our favorite actors for a variety of reasons and conversely have those we don't care for for a variety of reasons. But you are correct when you say it is preferable to say nice things is preferred in life---but here we are like fashion police giving our opinions good and not so good :heart:
ndmoore ndmoore 5 years
As the old saying goes, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." That's all I'm talking about.
jackiered jackiered 5 years
consider me chilled. As for negative remarks, free speech--right to our opinion, negative or positive--I don't think anyone was being rude or unfair in their assessment of Johnny Depp. He is messy looking and some people like that a lot obviously while others think he's...uh...messy and unkempt.
ndmoore ndmoore 5 years
Hey El, I never said no one was entitled to their opinion. I was questioning why someone would go on a blog about someone they didn't like if not to just to leave negative remarks. So, you chill.
jackiered jackiered 5 years
hey nd, we all have our likes and dislikes-- chill. We're on here to share opinions, good bad or neutral. It's no big deal if someone thinks he's fat or not. Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to one.
ndmoore ndmoore 5 years
Well, to all of you above who are so disgusted by him, why are you looking at pictures of him?! Is it just to ruin everybody who loves Johnny's day? Not cool.
jackiered jackiered 5 years
like his face, remarkable bone structure but his look is messy and no longer seems age appropriate.
ndmoore ndmoore 5 years
#6.. He's not overweight, he's wears many layers and sometimes baggy. Did you not see the "Vanity Fair" pics? Or the pics of him at the Miami Dolphins football game? #2.. Rob is that you?
chocolate79 chocolate79 5 years
Not a big fan of his scruffy look. He needs to lose some weight to regain his coolness from the old days..
jackiered jackiered 5 years
I usually like his acting but what's up with his scruffy look. He isn't aging very well? somethings up.
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