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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of Feb 7, 2011

Did you study up on this week's celebrity news? Let's find out!

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Eva Longoria was spotted kissing the brother of which famous actress?

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Which musician partied with Lindsay Lohan at the Giuseppe Zanotti store opening in Beverly Hills?

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Hilary Duff saved Mike Comrie in her phone contacts under which nickname?

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Who did Kim Kardashian dance with on stage at Madison Square Garden?

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Which actor allegedly got into a bar fight?

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Who teamed up with Matt Damon on the covers of Men's and Women's Heath?

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Which Social Network star is teaming up with Jennifer Garner on Back Roads?

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During a visit to The Early Show Jennifer Aniston was given what kind of birthday present?

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Miley Cyrus recently added what kind of tattoo to her rib cage?

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Which celebrity is not turning 25 in 2011?

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