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PopSugar 100 Celebrity Game Show (Video)

Video: Watch Our Editors Battle It Out in the PopSugar 100 With Our New Game Show — Pop Faceoff!

We're right in the middle of our sixth annual PopSugar 100 and just weeks away from the big reveal, but before that happens, our PopSugar editors are getting in on the fun! We asked PopSugar editors Molly Goodson and Lauren Turner to test their PopSugar 100 knowledge with our new game show, Pop Faceoff. Molly has been playing the PopSugar 100 game since it started six years ago, so she thinks she has the upper hand, but can Lauren pull off an upset? Watch to find out, and then check back later for round two!

If you want to take part in the PopSugar 100 and vote for your favorite celebrities, then just log in to your PopSugar account and play our faceoff game — we're giving away $2,500 to one very lucky player!

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I'm gonna disagree. This is lucky so far, to be fair. Hey, I'm Karli Bulnes and welcome to Pop Faceoff. We are right in the middle of our sixth annual PopSugar 100, where with your help we name the star who had the biggest year. Millions of people play Faceoff, so we thought it would be fun if we pitted two of our own editors against one another. Today we've got Molly Goodson and Lauren Turner, hey guys. Hi. Both seasoned Pop Culture pros. Let me explain the rules. Now two celebrities are gonna pop up on the monitor just like if you were playing at home and you have to tell me which star has the bigger year. If our readers agree, you get a point and keep control of the game. If they don't agree, you lose your turn. Now there's a twist. If someone wants to disagree and challenge you and they're right, they get two points and take control of the game, but if they're wrong, they lose a point. And that's really crucial because we're playing to go to five here. And Lauren's gonna go first. You ready? I'm ready, let's go. All right. The first match-up, we've got Liam Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway. All right, two major movie stars here. Actually a hard one to kick things off. Yeah. All right, Liam, obviously Hunger Games, big hit. I think there's a ton of Hunger Games fans out there. Anne Hathaway, though, I mean, everybody loves her. She had Batman. I'm gonna go with Liam on this one just because of The Hunger Games fans. Molly ? I'm gonna go no way. I think it's Anne Hathaway. She's got Batman coming out. She's now making the Les Mis movie. She got engaged. All right, all right. I forget a lot of things. So I'm gonna go with Anne Hathaway. Molly is challenging. We're going with Lauren's, though, Liam Hemsworth, and 50% of fans agree, which means the favor stays in Lauren's favor. All right. Whatever. All right, one point on the board. Lauren going for number two. We've got Elizabeth Olsen versus Ashton Kutcher. Okay, this is an interesting one. Elizabeth Olsen, she had such a huge, breakout year with Marca Marthy Martha Mae. Marlene. Martha Marcy May Marlene, yeah. Right. And Ashton though he obviously on the small screen with Two and a Half Men, taking over there. I'm gonna go with Elizabeth Olsen. You don't even know the name of her movie. It's just a tricky name, that's all. I'm gonna take a chance on Elizabeth. I think it's her. All right, Lauren's final answer is Elizabeth. Molly? Once again, I disagree. I think it's Ashton. Because of the divorce, he was everywhere. Molly's trying to get the control back. Let's go with Elizabeth for Lauren. And again, 50% of our readers agree that Elizabeth Olsen had the bigger year over Ashton Kutcher. Lauren still has control of the game. All right. You've got two points. Come on, Molly. This is lucky so far, to be fair. All right, we've got the next match-up. Daniel Craig versus Jessica Biel. Okay, Mr. James Bond to be and Jessica Biel, she's gotten big. Right, the baby. Finally bride to be, right? You know, this is tricky but I'm gonna go with Daniel on this one. I'm gonna go with Jessica Biel. I think that she waited it out, she got engagement ring. I think that that is gonna give her the edge. All right, another challenge from Molly. We're going with Daniel Craig for Lauren. And Molly takes control of the game. Jessica Biel had the big year over Daniel Craig. Molly's in control. We've got our reigning champ Johnny Deep versus our always favorite Kate Winslet. Now this is a hard one 'cause they're two big A-list stars. Of course, Johnny Depp has Dark Shadows and he also had another Pirates movie, which was a huge hit. And then there's Kate Winslet, a favorite always. Love her, yeah. Titanic anniversary was a really big deal and people love her as well, but I think I'm gonna go with our reigning champ, Johnny Depp. I think I have to agree obviously since he's won before. I agree with you. And 66% of fans agree and Molly's now up to 3 points. Our next match-up is Daniel Craig rounding back to us with Gwen Stefani. I know that Daniel Craig is Bond, of course, he's got the next Bond movie, Skyfall, coming out, filming it now in Turkey. What I think that Gwen Stefani's gonna take this one. Everyone loves her style. She's got Fashion Week. She's back with No Doubt. She's got those abs. I'm gonna go with Gwen Stefani. All right. Lauren, dare to disagree? I think that's an interesting choice. I'm gonna disagree. Why not? Okay. Lauren's trying to get control back. Betting all your money. Let's see if Molly's right with Gwen. And 56% of the fans agree. So Molly stays in control of the game. Lauren, we got to take a point away from you. All right, all right. It was close. All right, next match-up is for Molly. Jennifer Goodwin versus Selma Hayek. Now Jennifer Goodwin did have a big year. She's back in Once Upon a Time on the small screen. But if I've learned anything, from playing this game over the years is that movie stars usually have a bit of an edge, so I think Selma Hayek is gonna take this one. Lauren? I think I've gotta agree. She had Puss in Boots. That was a kid favorite. for Selma and 60% of readers agree Selma Hayek had the bigger year. And Molly is our winner. Good job, good job. Nice Congratulations, Molly. And Lauren, thank you for playing. Of course. And if you wanna play your own version of Faceoff, just head to Pop, where you can win $2500. I'm Carly [xx] and thanks for watching Pop Faceoff.

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