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Posh Isn't Cranky, But She Does Have Crazy Closet

Posh Isn't Cranky, But She Does Have Crazy Closet

While the biggest Victoria Beckham news of the day is obviously about The Spice Girls reunion, there are a few other tidbits about our favorite soon to be California girl. More importantly (okay, kinda) is this news about Posh's new LA closet. Rumor has it that she sunk $500,000 into the room, which features leather floors, a chandelier, and a 360 degree fashion "cat scan" machine that makes sure she can see her outfit from all angles before leaving the house. How simultaneously non-believable and intriguing! But seriously, as if anything doesn't fit her perfectly.

More good news for Victoria -- she just won her libel case against Star Magazine, who wrote a story about Posh acting "picky, demanding, rude" on the set of her reality TV show. The only problem? She hadn't started filming yet at the time.

Speaking of The Victoria Beckham Show -- July 16th is right around the corner! And now that The Spice Girls are back, I'm betting there's more of a chance it will become an actual series, right?


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