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President Obama Making Fun of David Beckham Video

Video: President Obama Pokes Fun at "Old" David Beckham

Barack Obama poked fun at David Beckham Tuesday when the LA Galaxy was honored at the White House. Hear the president tease the soccer star about his age and underwear modeling in today's PopSugar Rush.

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Barack Obama teases David Beckham! Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. Hear the president poke fun at David's age and underwear line when PopSugar Rush returns right after this! "We also have a young up and comer on the team, a guy named David Beckham. I have to say I gave David a hard time, I said half his teammates could be his kids, we're getting old David, although you're holding up better than me!" Soccer player David Beckham played the punchline for a couple of cracks the president made Wednesday at the White House when David and the LA Galaxy were honored for winning their third Major League Soccer cup last year. The 37-year-old athlete was sporting some facial hair, but it's being one of the older guys on the team while also modeling for his own underwear collection that Obama had a field day with. "He is tough, in fact it is rare that a man can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear./David Beckham is that man!" Victoria Beckham took the teasing in stride, tweeting that she is so proud of her husband's presidential meet and greet. David, too, made his appreciation clear on Facebook, writing that it was. . . "A proud day for me and one of the biggest highlights of my life and career." David also got to get close to first lady Michelle Obama as she hosted a Let's Move! event for kids that included a soccer clinic and Q&A, where the father of four gushed about his favorite outdoor activity and healthy snack. "I have four children . . . So my favorite activity, spending time with them at the park, playing soccer of course! And when I was your age, someone told me carrots would help me see in the dark so carrots are my favorite healthy snack." David and the Galaxy will be back to work on Saturday, taking on team Chivas near LA. I'm Karli Bulnes and thanks for watching PopSugar Rush!

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