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Rachel Dratch Interview on Girl Walks Into a Bar (Video)

Rachel Dratch Talks Her New Memoir and the "Life Plot Twist" That Made Her a Mom at 44

Rachel Dratch may be best known for her seven-year stint on SNL, but the actress and comedian found herself stepping into a completely unexpected role when, at age 43, she learned she was pregnant. Rachel recounts the sometimes overwhelming and oftentimes hilarious experience in her new memoir Girl Walks Into a Bar...Comedy Calamities, Dating Disasters, and a Midlife Miracle. The actress-turned-author recently stopped by PopSugar studios in LA to talk about her book and just how her life changed drastically in the span of just six short months. The new mom is currently co-parenting with her now-toddler son's father, and also spoke with us about her "unconventional family" and going back to work on a new pilot with Minnie Driver. Check out our interview with Rachel and find Girl Walks Into a Bar... in bookstores now.

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Everyone else that I knew is having this big life experience. When I meet women who are in their late 30's, early 40's, they kind of just light up at my stories. We call each other like the unco family, like unconventional family. Right. So, I think we're still figuring out. Stay tuned for chapters, book 2. Hi, everyone. I'm Lindsey from PopSugar and I'm here today with Rachel Dratch. She has a new book called Girl Walks Into a Bar in stores now. What's really cool about this book is that its a memoir about kind of how drastically your life change. You met a guy and then six months later, you found out you were pregnant. Yeah, yeah. It was crazy little life plot twist Right. That added a plot twist to the book. I was just kinda like, you know, coming on in life and then suddenly, yeah, I was dating this guy long distance. And I do not think we were like, oh my God like we're still in love, we're soul mates. We were just, you know, early 40's. Right. You know, heading up for a little Yeah. 6 months into the whole thing. I found out I was pregnant, at age almost 44, so that was a big surprise to me. Yeah. Something that I thought was really funny in the book is actually that when you were pregnant, your first reaction was that maybe you were going through menopause. Yeah, well all my friends who are, you know, in their early 40's were having trouble getting pregnant. Right. And, I said in the book, like, my mom had early menopause. I sort of thought I was not a candidate once I hit 40, I was like okay , you know, most women are conscious of this, but I was even more conscious. When I meet women who are in their late 30's, early 40's, they kind of just light up at my story, because they're so used to hearing all that negative stuff, like I was. Yeah, exactly. Before you met John, and before, you got pregnant, where were those things kind of on your priority list in life? I always thought I'd have kids and that, but I knew I didn't want to do it on my own. So, I know some women, go off do it on their own, but I just wasn't one of those women. So, I was sort of trying to let go of the idea of having kids, even though it it bothered me 'cause I just always sort of thought I would. Did you feel left out for a span of time a little bit? I definitely did, but I wouldn't say left out, like I'm excluded, it was more like everyone else that I knew was having this big like life experience. And, I know there are some women just know that I want kids and, you know, more power to you. Great. You know yourself but, I sort of felt like I did want kids, and so, yeah, I sort of felt like it was all passing me by. Right. And I felt a little out of contriol about the whole thing. I feel like I'm on Dr. Phil right now or yeah. Exactly because we're getting very deep. We're getting really deep. PopSugar, what's happening? It's very serious. Let's, okay, I'm trying to think of a way to lighten up. One thing that's very funny in the book and another thing. Okay. Life is not to be bought. I don't want to make you cry today. Rachael Dratch like in this. It has, it's right here. We tend to play that. I know, maybe I should. Yeah. Do you think it was actually from advantages about becoming a mom in your 40's? I do feel like by the time you're in your mid-40's, you've gone to all the parties and you've traveled and you've done your thing. So I didn't feel deprived that I wasn't going out. So it actually worked out okay. When we kind of leave you in the book. Not to give more of the book away. But you know you and John made a decision about where your relationship would stand. Yeah. You were kind of co-parenting, but not necessarily in a romantic relationship. Yes, I know, gosh. When I finished the book, I left it kind of ambiguous because I didn't know was read it and I still don't have this big like public statement for the the people out there. Right. But, yeah, I mean we are together, we're co-parenting. We're kind of just like, we call each other like the unco family, like unconventional family Right. So I think we're still figuring out. Stay tuned for chapter, book two. Exactly. Yeah. You guys were sort of casually dating, having fun and then all of a sudden you're in this very crazy romantic comedy, but you know, as I said in the book like, we weren't seeing the comedy in it because we were living it. You know, you're still in this sort of courtship, flirtatious things you're dealing with breast pumps and night feedings. Really seductive thing you can imagine. I know too that you went through your pregnancy at the same time as your friend, Amy Poehler. Yes. So how did you guys sort of lean on each other a little bit? Well, it was just nice because she had already had a baby she was just really casual and relaxed and I kind of was too. 'Cause I was just sort of given to me by he, God. And then I really get [xx] but the only thing its okay to drink wine. We didn't drink lot of wine but, occasional. No benders. Talk about now these days if you feel like you get typecast into these same roles, I think it's, what, secretaries? Strange lesbians, and sometimes secretaries who are lesbians, yeah. Yeah. [xx} wide range. You do have a new show coming up with I do yes. amazing Mini Driver[SP] Yes, finally right when the book was coming out, got this pilot. There's 2 friends and one is single and one is married, and they've been friends for years and years and years. I thought it was really honest about female friendships. Right. And then I play the odd, side trend this mini dress. No, I saw it again, it's like socially off check but it was really funny part, so. What do you think Debbie Downer would be down about with this day and age now? Oh my God, there's so much. She's always concerned about the environment, which actually so am I. That's my secret. I see. Like that's my secret Debbie Downer things and when someone's like, "Oh, it's like New York, February, 80 degrees". Like, "Great wheather." And like, if you like global warming, you know that kind of thing. Yeah, there's always a tragedy for Debbie Downer. It's true. And Rachel Dratch too. These are kind of questions about motherhood. Okay. Just tell me what other things pops in your mind. Like fill in the banks. Okay. You know you're a mother when? When you're sleeping three hours a night for three months in a row. I wish someone had told me blank about motherhood. That's it's actually really fun. I would see a kid in the grocery store and I thought that what kids are like, like 24/7. Right. I thought they cry all the time and they're uncontrollable. But actually like, you know, it is actually really fun. Sorry. out there. What would you most want for Mother's day? Gosh. A million dollars? That's a pretty good answer. I know roses. And were million dollars roses. Well, Rachel. Thank you so much for coming by today, I love the book. Thank you. This is an in-depth interview. It was. I didn't get you to cry though. No, I'll cry afterwards. Okay. I'm gonna cry at home. I think that you can get Rachel's book, it's in the stores now. It's called Girl Walked Into a Bar.

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Lindsay-Miller Lindsay-Miller 3 years
 @Kate Stahl — I read the book and absolutely loved it! Definitely worth picking up!
Jewfie Jewfie 3 years
I am in the process of reading Rachel's book and she has a real talent for writing! It's a great read. I love her acting and am a huge fan and miss seeing her,so I was thrilled to see her book had come out. I just happened to be googling her and found this great interview. So happy to hear she has a show coming out. Best of luck Rachel- we love you!
noonehere noonehere 3 years
Wow, Lindsay, you're so comfortable interviewing!!!!  And Popsugar seems to be getting bigger and bigger, isn't it? As for Rachel Dratch, it might be a feel good read. Will add it to my list.  
Kate-Stahl Kate-Stahl 3 years
I'm kind of in love with Rachel Dratch! She's so honest but optimistic about love and motherhood. I'm going to buy her book tomorrow. Has anyone read it yet?  
Nancy-Einhart Nancy-Einhart 3 years
What a delightful interview. Even if her family is unconventional, it's awesome to see someone who's clearly so excited about having a kid and rolling with the punches.
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