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Rachel Zoe at Zoe Media Group Launch (Video)

Video: Rachel Zoe Jokes That Baby Skyler Has Rodger's "Flippy" Hair

Rachel Zoe's son, Skyler, may get his fashion sense from his mom, but when it comes to his hairstyle, Rachel tells us that the look is all Rodger! We chatted with Rachel at last night's launch for her new company, ZOE Media Group, where she gave us an update on her little one and shared a few holiday dressing tips. Check it out in today's PopSugar Rush!

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Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and we're taking you on the carpet at last night's launch of the ZOE Media Group with Rachel Zoe in today's PopSugar Rush. RACHEL: "It's funny, he's identical to my baby pictures, identical, but he has Roger's flippy hair, which is the funniest thing ever. He has his exact hair." Rachel Zoe's little boy Skyler may get his fashion sense from his mom, but when it comes to his hairstyle, she tells us that the look is all Rodger. We chatted with the famous stylist at last night's launch of her new company, the Zoe Media Group, where Rachel was already prepared for the holiday season in festive sequins. RACHEL: "This is an old Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit, that I thought for a holiday party, just screamed like, wear me." Rachel was arm in arm with her husband Rodger for the event, and even though Skyler was nowhere in sight, he was obviously on the new mom's mind. Rachel even shared one of Skyler's first words with us! RACHEL: He does say dada, although we're not sure if he actually knows that he's dada, he calls me dada, he calls Joey dada, but he does say that, and a lot of great noises. Rachel's BFF Joey Maloof was on hand to help Rachel celebrate her newest undertaking, along with Zoe employee Jeremiah Brent. So we couldn't resist asking the team for some of their tips to holiday dressing. JEREMIAH BRENT: "I think dress to what feels like you. The fun thing with style is it really is an opportunity to reflect who you are externally, and to really tell a story, and that's what I love about it . . . " RACHEL: I just think for holiday, add a little sparkle, whether it's jewelry or clothes or shoes, whatever it is, anyway you can add a little glitz.

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