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Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy Interview (Video)

Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy Talk Romantic Risks and Going to War

Reese Witherspoon plays a woman trying to choose between the serious-but-sexy Tom Hardy and the sweet-but-slick Chris Pine in the upcoming This Means War. Picking between the two leading men might sound like a tough task, but Reese said she welcomed the challenge the role presented when we talked with the trio at a recent press day for the project. During our chat, Reese revealed the surprising — if scary — risk one guy took to try and win her over in real life, while Chris admitted to feeling some nerves over his onscreen fistfight with Tom, who has a pretty impressive mixed martial arts background. Check out our interview with the costars and check out This Means War when it hits theaters on Valentine's Day!

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Once, I had a premiere of somebody who jumped the gate and grabbed me and kissed me. Like, you know, shaving my hair and there's like beating up a start guy. I knew that I was, it's not a position you want to be put in. So, it's It's hard to think of someone else who's kind of got romantic comedies down like Reese. So I'm wondering, for you guys, what did you sort of learn from her on the set? About funny, really you know, what it means to be funny and quick, and smart, and intelligent, and act at the same time. Yeah, and not take it all that seriously, you know, to have fun and then to make sure that, I think the comedy comes from being loose and comfortable on the set and Reese definitely helped. I remember the first week I was petrified so it was nice to be, you know, nice to be made to feel warm and comfortable and I think you do your best work that way. Well I was curious too, I really liked the last action sequence in the movie and I'm wondering how much of that you guys actually did yourself. I did very little. Even with being in the Jeep and all of that? Well I was in the Jeep a lot, yeah, but they did all their gun work and they became very proficient on the training and running around. They were always hanging out inside of a car. Chris, were you kind of nervous about doing that fistfight with Tom? Oh yeah. You're kind of known for being a fighter? Oh yeah, are you kidding me? 'Cause I mean I was like sitting down watching Tom train the stunt people Right. The way you want me to do. And I mean, like cottage cheese and berries going. This is just not It's gonna be good. I'm like, you know, shaving my hair and there's Tom like beating up a guy. I knew that I's not a position you want to be put in. But I put on a great face. How did he do? That's not true. Yes, it is. That's not how it went down at all. No. It's all, it was actually really beautifully put together. Everybody was friends, well-orchestrated. Well, you guys go to crazy lengths obviously to try to win over Reese's character in the movie. Reese, what's the what's the craziest thing that someone's done to trying to win you over? Once, I had a premiere and somebody jumped the gate and grabbed me and kissed me. Wow. That's actually scary. So scary. I hired security after that. Reese just headbutted the guy. I kneed him. Elbow. And then asked me again. That changes it. There you go. Have you guys ever done anything crazy to try to win over a girl? I've actually jumped over a gate at a premier and looks exactly like Reese Witherspoon. So you wouldn't pull the jumping over the fence thing? Yeah, but in the moment, that's not crazy is it? That's like need. It's necessity, so it's not seen as crazy. It's just, I need to get there. Well did you guys have kind of any qualms about taking on a movie that was kind of half romantic comedy, half action/spy thriller? No, I thought it was great. It's sort of a mix up and it didn't feel like a sort of a rote romantic comedy. It felt like a really fresh take on the genre and add the element of action to it, but still maintain the fun and the comedy was kind of a unique opportunity to make a really interesting, fresh film.

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lizlee89 lizlee89 3 years
@DivaStaTus I agree; I love him and I love Tom Hardy too - he's so cute with his accent (although I am not digging the beard)! I can't wait to see this...
DivaStaTus DivaStaTus 4 years
I said this earlier, but it should be said again. Chris Pine is so cute! So hot! I love the glasses =)
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