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On the Road Cannes Review (Video)

Video: Our Cannes Review of On the Road — Plus Kristen Talks About Her Racy Topless Scene!

Kristen Stewart's On the Road debuted at Cannes today, and everyone's talking about the new mature role that has the actress going topless in a racy scene. Our own PopSugar editors Molly Goodson and Allie Merriam have been spending the past week at the festival, and they caught an early screening of the film just this morning. Find out what they thought about the movie — and hear what Kristen herself had to say about the sexy scenes — in PopSugar Rush!

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Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and in today's PopSugar Rush, we're giving you a closer look at Kristen Stewart's On the Road at Cannes! Get our early review of the movie and find out what Kristen had to say about shooting the film's racy topless scene . . . KRISTEN: "I love scaring myself." It's coming up, right after this! Kristen Stewart's On the Road debuted at Cannes today, and everyone's talking about the new mature role which has the actress going topless for a racy scene. Our own Molly Goodson and Allie Merriam have been spending the past week at the festival, and they caught an early screening of the film just this morning. Molly and Allie are actually joining me right now on Skype from France to tell us all about it. HOST: Hi guys! Allie/Molly: Hi! HOST: So tell me, what were your first impressions of On the Road? ALLIE: Well the film was beautifully shot, there were tons of scenes with the characters traveling across the United States and it made the country look beautiful, and of course, the characters themselves looked quite good. The film, you know, I think it suffers from any institutional problem of taking a book into a movie, it was quite long, it was two hours, so some parts dragged a bit. All in all though, I think it's probably worth seeing because it's beautifully shot and the cast is quite attractive too. HOST: How did Kristen do? MOLLY: I think that Kristen Stewart fans are going to be a little bit surprised you see a lot of Kristen, there's a lot of skin. There's some racy scenes with her, so I think that'll be interesting to see how people react to, but I think she's great in it, and all of the cast actually is awesome. ALLIE: It's quite a change from Bella Swan. MOLLY: It is quite a change. HOST: Right, she actually gets topless in one of the scenes, right? How did you both react to that? MOLLY: It's such an early screening, and you're like, Kristen Stewart's totally topless right now. ALLIE: What?! HOST: And then Molly, you went and sat in on the press conference with Kristen. What did she have to say about those scenes? MOLLY: She said that she really just wanted to go for it, and she didn't want to hold anything back, and if you push yourself to a scary place and that's a good thing. KRISTEN I love pushing. I love scaring myself and I think to watch genuine experience onscreen is so much more interesting than to, you can see the tape holding up the pasties. MOLLY: It was also cool to hear Kristen talk about how when she actually met the director, they first started talking about this project when she was herself 16 or 17 like the character is, but she was happy that she didn't have to actually film it until she was older and more mature to take on a couple of the big scenes. HOST: I saw that you posted a photo on Instagram of Kristen up close, so how did she look in person? MOLLY: Kristen looked amazing. You know, it's bright and early when they do these photocalls and press conferences, so she looked great, she was wearing these yellow pants, and her and Kirsten just looked like they were having a great time together. HOST: The red carpet premiere for the film is also today, so are you both headed there next? MOLLY: Yeah we're going to go off to check out Kristen on the red carpet with all of the costars, we're hoping to get some, maybe some PDA between Kirsten and Garrett? ALLIE: Fingers crossed! HOST: Any word about a possible Robert Pattinson sighting? I'd love to see him walk the carpet with her! ALLIE: We haven't heard that Robert is expected, but we're also hoping that Tom Sturridge who's in the film brings his pregnant lady love Sienna Miller, so we have high hopes for the plus ones tonight. Well have fun, and thanks guys! MOLLY: Thank you! ALLIE: Thanks, Lauren. We'll be bringing you a look at the red carpet premiere for On the Road later today, so be sure to check back. I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and thanks for watching PopSugar Rush!

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This makes me even more excited to see On the Road!
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Kristen is a dedicated, sensitive and talented actress, I hope she say goodbye to Bella and leave behind ....... a beautiful and successful career waiting!
1278368 1278368 3 years
Actress Kristen is a dedicated, sensitive and talented I hope she say goodbye to Bella and leave behind ....... a beautiful and successful career waiting!
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