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Robert Pattinson Interview After Kristen Stewart Cheated

Video: Robert Preps For Press, Bill Condon Speaks on Kristen Scandal

Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon discusses the Robert and Kristen cheating scandal in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, and we may hear from Robert himself very soon on the matter. Robert is scheduled to make a few press appearances next week as he promotes Cosmopolis, and we're taking a look at where he'll be popping up — and what Bill had to say — in this PopSugar Rush.

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Robert Pattinson prepares to face press after the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal while Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon speaks out on how this will affect the film. Hey, there. I'm Lauren Bradshaw. Hear what Bill has to say and find out where you can see Rob next week as he begins interviews after the fallout in today's PopSugar Rush. Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon discusses the Robert and Kristen aftermath in this weeks issue of Entertainment Weekly, saying, "They have always shown great respect for fans who made these movies such a success. Now it's time that some of that respect be returned to them." PopSugar editor Lauren Turner is joining me now to talk more about the other revelations from the interview and where we can see Rob next week. Hey Lauren. Hi. So not a lot of people that are close to Kristen and Robert have actually addressed the whole cheating scandal, so were you surprised to hear from Bill? I was, I thought it was interesting that he felt like he wanted to speak about it, especially since none of Twilight costars have said anything. Ashley Greene was asked about it on the red carpet but she declined to comment. But Bill went on to just praise their work ethic and say that this might be a good time for fans to kind of separate Rob and Kristen from their characters Edward and Bella. Do we hear from Robert and Kristen at all in the magazine? Not about the scandal. The interview happened before that news came out. Okay. But Kristen and Rob did talk about what they learned from their roles and Rob joked that playing Edward has made him an emotional idiot but they really only touched on the movie in the magazine. Well when might we hear from Rob, because I know you have several press interviews lined up for next week for Cosmopolis. So can you walk us through a couple of those? Well, he was just confirmed to appear on The Daily Show on Monday, which is the same day as his New York premiere for Cosmopolis, which he is expected to attend and then on Wednesday he'll be on Good Morning America. So, I mean, I would expect there to be some questions about the cheating. Yeah. But who knows how he's gonna handle that. Yeah, I'll be very interesting to watch. And Cosmopolis is one thing because he's promoting it by himself, but when Breaking Dawn Part II rolls around, it's gonna be him and Kristen together. So how are we thinking they're going to handle that? It could get a little awkward but someone says they're moving forward with their press plans on the movie so it could make for some interesting photos. Right. So we'll have to see. Yeah, I'm sure everyone will be watching to see how they interact when that rolls around. Well, thanks Lauren for filling us in. Thank you. And you can check out the issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring Breaking Dawn Part II when it hits stands on Friday. I'm Lauren Bradshaw and I'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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