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Robert Pattinson Interviews After Kristen Cheating | Video

Hot Robert Pattinson Bursts Back Onto the Scene — Did He Talk Kristen?

Robert Pattinson stepped back into the spotlight yesterday, making his first public appearances since the Kristen Stewart scandal broke at the end of July. Robert looked dapper as he attended the NY premiere of Cosmopolis, stopped by The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, and rang the NYSE opening bell with director David Cronenberg. But did Robert open up about his current relationship status with Kristen? Check out the answer and more highlights of his press tour so far in PopSugar Rush!

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Robert Pattinson steps into the public spotlight after the Kristen Stewart scandal hey there I'm Lauren Bradshaw. If Robert Pattinson was laying low after the news of Kristen broke, he certainly isn't hiding now. We're taking a look of how he's doing in this PopSugar Rush. Robert Pattinson was up bright and early this morning to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange along with his Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg. And despite the recent drama surrounding his relationship with Kristen Stewart, he still kept a smile on his face for photos. In fact, by all appearances, it seems like Robert is doing rather well with the fallout of the incident. So, to talk more about that we have PopSugar editor Brittney Stephens. Hey Britt. Hey, Lauren. So, we've all been waiting to sort of see how Robert is been handling everything with Kristen. We knew he was making some public appearances this week for his movie Cosmopolis so he showed up last night. How do you think he looked and how did he do? I mean there's no doubt that Rob has to be hurting over this, but he's really being professional. He's keeping on a happy face for his fans. And he looks really good. He was at the Cosmopolis premiere last night. He signed autographs, posed for photos. Of course he did dodge questions about Kristen on the red carpet. Right. Yeah, and he had a little bit harder time dodging the topic when he went to talk to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, so let's check out that clip. We're just a couple of gals talking, alright. The last time I had a bad breakup, Ben & Jerry's got me through some of the toughest times, so I thought you and I could bond over this. Would you do a thing? And talk about, "Boy you are better off, kick her to the girl." Clearly Jon Stewart was trying to make light of the situation and maybe get Robert to say something about everything that's happened. But how do you think Rob handled it? I mean I think He handled it really well. He seemed a little fidgety and awkward at times, but who wouldn't be talking about that kind of thing? Right. Well, he has a few more opportunities with press this week. So, it may come up again. Can you walk us through a couple of those? Yeah, so he's going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow and then he's doing an online interview with MTV on Thursday. Okay, well, we'll look forward to watching those. Yeah. Thanks, Britt. Thanks. And we'll continue to follow Robert's press appearances this week so keep checking back to PopSugar TV. I'm Lauren Bradshaw and I'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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