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Robert Pattinson Promoting Cosmopolis (Video)

Video: See Robert's Hottest Cosmopolis Press Stops — Reviews Are in!

Reporters have been asking Robert Pattinson questions about his personal life all week as he promotes Cosmopolis, but one thing we can't stop talking about is how good Robert looks! See for yourself as we break down his hottest press stops from the past few days, plus hear what critics are saying about Robert's performance in the film in this PopSugar Rush.

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We're breaking down Robert Pattinson's hottest stops from his week of Cosmopolis press appearances. Hey there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw. Robert Pattinson may have been dodging questions about Kristen Stewart this entire week. But one thing we can't stop talking about is how good the actor looks. See for yourself. Plus hear what critics are saying about his performance in the film in this PopSugar Rush. Robert Pattinson has been everywhere this week as he promotes his new film Cosmopolis. It's the first time that the actor has made public appearances since the news of the Kristen Stewart scandal broke, and with all eyes on Rob, he's been showing off one hot look after another. TresSugar editor Annie Scudder is here with me now to help highlight some of our favorites. Hey, Annie. Hey Lauren. So let's kick things off and go all the way to the beginning of this week with one of my favorite appearances from Rob which was the Cosmopolis premiere. Right. So this is the first time we saw Rob step out since all the drama hit, and I thought he kicked things off with a bang. He looked really great and this blue Gucci suit with a tie. And he was rocking a little scruff and he looks very handsome. He also polished up nicely when he made an appearance at the New York Stock Exchange. And the thing that I've loved, is throughout this whole thing, he has been wearing a smile. And I think it's great since we didn't really know how he was gonna react after all this. It's nice to see that he's happy. Yeah, I completely agree. I think one thing we can all agree on is seeing him smile, looking happy, is a very good thing. Sort of on the opposite end of the spectrum though from these more formal appearances. We saw Rob stepping out in New York, sort of looking like his old Rob self, very casual. So can you walk us through that? Yes. So, when he hasn't been working, he's been hanging out with his friends in New York and he is, you know, typical Rob in his jeans and sweat shirt. Well, one thing I noticed is he keeps wearing this one baseball cap as we can see in these photos. I mean, he has been wearing at, not only his private times, but also the interviews. Right and he actually commented on his baseball cap when he sat down with MTV yesterday. Let's take a look. I have got this hat on, it's making me feel very self-consious. You should. Might Not be able to speak and everything. This is all I am thinking about, seriously. I got to say I'm actually okay with the hat but let's move onto the movie for a second because it is out in limited release today. And critics are already talking about it. So, what is sort of the overall feel about Cosmopolis? Reviews are very mixed actually. The film itself is being criticized for maybe trying to hard and being a little to conceptual. Which doesn't surprise me because Robert himself has been struggling to explain what the film's about in interviews. Right. But Robert however has been getting praised for his performance and acting chops. Okay, well that's good news for Robert Pattinson films. Yes. Thanks Annie for filling us in. No problem. And tell us your favorite Robert Pattinson appearance of the week. I'm Lauren Bradshaw. And I'm Annie Scudder. And we'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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Peachiz Peachiz 3 years
He did look good all week, and my biggest 'take' on his week was not that he kept smiling, but that he kept totally classy.  This young man seems to maintain his class factor no matter what.  It seems that more people could take a page from his [non] 'play' book...since he obviously believes that when you are in a relationship and you make a commitment to your other person, you matter what...even if an indiscretion has occurred.  I think the public still doesn't know what his decision is regarding Kristen, he is after all keeping pretty mum on that subject...I hope that whatever is best for them is what will happen.  Good luck.  
Sabrina2782617 Sabrina2782617 3 years
love his casual look the most :)
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