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Robin Williams Happy Feet Two Interview (Video)

Robin Williams on His "Leading Penguin" Sofia Vergara and Why Kids Are the Toughest Critics

Robin Williams reprises not one, but two roles, in Happy Feet Two as penguins Ramon and Lovelace. This time around, however, Ramon has a new love interest in Sofia Vergara. We talked to Robin at a junket for the movie recently, where he told us about working with the sexy star, poked fun at tough kid-critics, and revealed that his own daughter once asked him to stop doing "the voices." Check out our chat with Robin and see Happy Feet Two in theaters this Friday!

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The plot seems to be getting a little thin. How do you know that? Because I've been on IMDb and this plot is reminiscent of the Misch. [Music] The moment she walks in, the whole temperature rises by about five to ten degrees. [Music] You saw the movie with kids and they loved it? Lots of kids. That's a great thing cause. They were having a great time. I've been at screening of kids movies when they don't and they... it's like they are talking to the screen. Its like your at 46th Street. No, I dont want to, lets go. If kids dont like it, they dont like it. The plot seems to be getting a little thin. How did you know that? Cause I've been on IMDb and this plot is reminiscent of the Misch. Okay, thank you. How old are you? This many. What are you doing? How did you learn about this? On my There's Pipehead. They're tough critics. Oh, big time. Kids are the worst. Yeah, but if they're into it, it's kind of wonderful. If they're quiet? Whew, it's a good movie. Well, I'm kind of curious because on animated films people always say that the animators try to base their characters on them and make them look a little bit like them. So, does that work with Penguins? Do you see yourself in these characters? I don't know. Like, if you look at Ramon, I'm going, he's small. Ta-da. Little tuft of hair. Ta-da. Maybe this part? Maybe? Lovelace, bigger, kind of mmm- hmm, as you say man chee chee's. Yes, okay. Mmm hmm, okay, maybe. Like with Aladdin, did he look like me? The genie had my chin. The blue? Not so much. You know? Yeah, once in awhile they give a little bit of you, which is always fun...kind of go, do I have that? No, that's a character. Okay, cool. As you mentioned you're playing two different parts in this film, so what's the biggest challenge of doing two characters that sound so different? Not a real challenge. I mean, they are so different. If they'd been similar in nature then it would be tough to kind of keep them so. But they're so different. One is like this little Latino romantic and the other is this kind of spiritual, like almost preacher, not preacher, you know. He's very very much. He's literally a preacher who now is following some other preacher. Who now has jumped religions and is now a follower versus the alpha. Now he's like, I believe in something better than myself. So, it's easy to keep them separate because they're totally different in his physicality. Now, they're a lot of new cast members in Happy Feet, two original. Oh wonderful. Yeah, do you get to meet many of them? Oh Sofia Vergara, which was amazing. She's your leading penguin. Oh my leading penguin. My heart throb which is so great to have in the room. The moment she walks in the whole temperature rises by about 5 to 10 degrees. Now, you've done so many great animated characters over the years and I know your kids are grown up now but was there a favorite of theirs when they were little? I remember years ago I was reading a story to Zelda and I was doing all these voices and she said, "Don't do the voices just read the story." I was like "Okay, point made."

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