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Rooney Mara at 2012 Oscar Luncheon (Video)

Video: Rooney Mara on Her Private Piercing and Getting Naked For Dragon Tattoo

Academy Award nominee Rooney Mara opened up about getting into character for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo during today's Oscar nominee luncheon. Rooney said she's keeping the private piercing she got so that she's ready for the next two films and explained why she never felt truly naked when going nude on set.

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This is very serious up here. How are you? Good. How are you? Good. My name is Ethan Gonzales. Congratulations on the nomination, I loved the film. Thank you. I would like to know how complicated it was for you to understand, not only the anger of this your character, but also her intelligence in the way she moves through life. The transformation is very different from you in many ways. You know when I read the books she never felt that foreign to me. I always sort of felt like I really understood her and like I knew her. The character that I played in The Social Network, Erica Albright, actually felt much more foreign to me than Elizabeth ever did. You know, certainly I don't. Certainly our lives are very different and our upbringings were very different but I think, I don't know, she was just always a character that I really understood. Unfortunately I don't have a photographic memory and I don't have anywhere near her intelligence but I always could really understand the way she moved through the world and and you know wanting to be invisible and and just sort of go unnoticed. You know, I think we're both quite similar in that we both like to investigate every facet of something before we're ready to reveal ourselves to the world, before we're ready to do that thing in front of other people. So it wasn't that difficult for me to understand her. Well, for some people, it depends on which day. I'm curious, how is the process going for finding a dress for the big day? What is the process like for you? It's, I don't really know. I haven't found a dress yet, but I'm not that worried about it. I think it's a fairly simple process. People just send you things and you try them on and wear what you like. But do you have a red carpet aesthetic that you towards like, what do you look for in a dress? What do you like? Beyond comfort, of course. Well, that's the most important thing to me is feeling comfortable and not just comfortable, but I have to feel good in it. I think that's really important. And I just like simple things, I don't like to wear anything too crazy. And I don't like that much color. Mark Malcolm from E! Online. When do you start shooting the next Dragon Tattoo movie and how many are you signed up. I 'm signed up other two but I'm not sure when they're gonna start doing them. Hopefully they will do them. I think that they will, but I'm not sure when. Yes, I can I'm allowed to do whatever I want. Congratulations on the nomination. We're a network from Australia. Normally we have a few actors who come up, we can ask questions. But unfortunately behind-the-scenes guys who were nominated this year and Kirk Baxter is the editor for "Dragon Tattoo." How much do you think that had in the success of the movie, the editing work? I mean, editing is so incredibly important. I mean, you couldn't. someone else could go edit the movie and make a completely different movie if they wanted to. And, you know, our editors are incredible. I know they worked incredibly hard to get my performance to where they wanted it. You know, I think everyone who works with David, they never feel finished with it; they just sort of give up. You know, it's like they've run out of time, and, I know, I think they're incredible. How was yesterday for you? Congratulations on the nomination. Tell us about yesterday. What do you mean? Come on, what with the pom poms flying back and forth. What was going on? Well, I was there. I was there. You did go! Yeah. It was really fun. It was very exciting. It was great. Time for two more questions. Brian, you're free. Hi, how are you? Congratulations. I had a feeling you were in Indianapolis yesterday. talk about getting into a role and the character. Is it true for the nude scenes that you really did pierce your nipple? I pierced one nipple, not both, just one. Yeah, you know she has it in the books and I wanted to get as many of the piercings as I could and you know, I spent so much time on this film naked and I had to just be really comfortable with that right away. There wasn't any time for me to be shy about that and it always sort of felt, you know, between the piercings and the tattoos and the make up and the hair and my body being a little bit smaller, it always felt like I was in costume. I never really felt naked. And I thought that that would help with that. Did you end up liking that piercing or I mean is it something that you'll keep forever? I'm gonna keep it for now, you know I don't want to have to re-pierce that should we do the other two films, but. I'm Kris from InterMedia. As a first time nominee, what has surprised you most about the awardof award season process. I don't know, I don't know that I would say I was surprised by anything, you know. I'm just sort of trying to take it all in. Everything sort of happened really fast and I feel very honored to be a part of everything that I've been a part of thus far and I'm just trying to take it all in. Thanks guys, thank you.

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