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Ryan Gosling Cast in The Notebook For Being "Not Handsome"

Video: Ryan Gosling Cast in The Notebook For Being "Not Handsome" and "Not Cool"

We know and love Ryan Gosling for playing Noah in The Notebook, but it turns out Ryan was cast in the romantic role for reasons that had nothing to do with his good looks and charm. Hear what the movie's director had to say about what he believed was Ryan's lack of leading man pedigree in PopSugar Rush.

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Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. He won us over by playing the swoonworthy Noah in The Notebook, but Ryan Gosling says his good looks and charm were the last reasons why he was cast in the romantic role. Hear more in PopSugar Rush. "It still isn't over." Ryan Gosling is currently reigning as one of Hollywood's hottest heartthrobs, but believe it or not, The Notebook's leading man wasn't always seen as a swoonworthy star. In an interview with British magazine Company, Ryan revealed he was cast in the 2004 hit film because the director thought he was very different from the other actors out there at the time. Mr. Gosling quoted the director as saying, [pull quote graphic] "You're not handsome, you're not cool, you're just a regular guy who looks a bit nuts." Not only did The Notebook become an instant classic, but it also gave us the most romantic MTV movie awards best kiss acceptance. So for the kisses with Rachel McAdams on the big screen and off, we certainly owe that director a big thank you. During that same chat with the mag, Ryan also recounted a crazy time during his childhood — he said that after watching Rambo, he actually believed he was the action star and brought steak knives to school. After throwing them around at recess, Ryan was suspended and banned from watching R-rated movies.. These days, Ryan is allowed to safely play with weapons. He was recently seen toting a prop pistol on the set of Gangster Squad, which he is currently filming in LA.

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