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Is Ryan Lochte Doing Reality TV? | Video

Video: Is Ryan Lochte Headed to Hollywood?

Ryan Lochte's already shown a love for the spotlight, thanks to his swimming, taste for eye-catching clothes, and even coining his own catchphrase — and a new report suggests Ryan could be close to signing a deal for a reality show! Would you watch him on TV? Get the details in this PopSugar Rush.

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Hi, I'm Allie Merriam. Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, could be heading to reality TV. Jyeah! Jyeah! Get the scoop on a potential TV deal for Ryan as well as details on his latest 28th birthday celebration in today's PopSugar Rush. Ryan Lochte has already shown a love for the spotlight thanks to his swimming, taste for eye-catching clothes and even coining his own catch phrase. Jyeah! Jyeah! A new report suggests Ryan could be close to signing a deal for a reality show. The Hollywood Reporter quotes Ryan's agent as saying he's had multiple offers, but nothing signed just yet. Ryan's already shown that he's quotable enough for TV. Here's our round-up of some recent laughable Lochte moments. What defines me? Ryan Lochte. How tall are you? if I stand up I'm 6'2". Yeah. And, if you don't? Probably 5'11". Did you pee in any of these races in London? During the races, but I sure did in warm-up. Seven times four. Twenty one. Emma was No. Not 21, 28. Like go big or go home. Yeah. And that's kind of like my motto that I go by. Ryan himself said that he would consider doing Dancing With the Stars. But even without a TV deal, Ryan's in a Hollywood state of mind. Planet Hollywood, that is. Last night, he marked his 28th birthday which is actually last Friday, at London's Planet Hollywood with a few fellow members of Team USA swimmers. And Ryan, who racked up five medals at the London games, naturally had more than one birthday bash. Over the weekend, Ryan was photographed heading home after a late night of carousing at the clubs Kensington Roof Gardens and Chinawhite. Ryan did make a deal to star in an internet video. He accepted Will Ferrell's offer to do a scene for "Funny or Die" and yesterday shared a snap from behind the scenes of a shoot with Patrick Stuart and the British comedian Simon Peg. What's next for Ryan? He recently told Ryan Seacrest that he's planning to move to LA. A step that will certainly take him one bit closer to that TV deal. I'm Allie Merriam. Thanks for watching PopSugar Rush.

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