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Video: Watch Our SAG Awards Breakdown — the Night's Best Fashion, the Biggest Winners, and Drinking Games!

The SAG Awards were full of gorgeous gowns and big-name stars, and we're weighing in on it all in today's special PopSugar Rush show! See what our editors have to say about the well-dressed ladies, the red-carpet interview we still can't stop talking about, and what we can expect come Oscar time. We're even trying out the Martin Scorsese drinking game! Thanks to FORWARD by elyse walker for outfitting Becky, Lindsay, and Allison this morning for the show — now check it out!

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Hey guys, it's Allison McNamara and last night was the Screen Actors Guild Awards. So, today we're breaking down all the hottest moments. I'm going to tell you about all the fashion. Linzy Miller was live on the red carpet. We've got our resident TV and movie guru, Becky Kirsch from BuzzSugar. So, we're gonna break out all the top moments in today's special, PopSugar Rush. So, last night we saw everyone from Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt on the red carpet, what did you guys think of the night as a whole? Well, it's always so fun to see TV and movie actors getting together, mingling. I personally loved when Alec Baldwin was giving, like, shout outs to Brad Pitt, shout outs to Kristin Wiig. But overall I think I missed having a host, I kinda missed those musical numbers. It felt a little dry. Definitely. Yeah. I see what you mean. I kind of agree as far as no host this year. But I will say that, for me, the highlight was the red carpet because I thought there were so many great looks. And people also really took a lot of risks which was kind of fun to see. I totally agree. So let's start breaking down the show and we'll start with my favorite category, best dressed picks. Alright, so there were a lot of trends on the red carpet last night. We had lots of black and white with Angelina Jolie and this gorgeous Jenny Packum. We also had Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen. Also, Amber Heard had this gorgeous Zac Posen gown on -- loved that. There's also lots of white. Zoe Saldana in a gorgeous Givenchy, then Tilda Swinton, so many people in beautiful white outfits. But, people also brought the color to the red carpet. We had Jessica Chastain in a gorgeous blue Calvin Klein and Lee Blunt as you can see right now in green and Julie Bowen. So, cooler we talk to, but we're here as favorite looks from the night. Well I'm going to go out on a limb and defend the jump suit/pants suit that Rose Byrne wore. I know it was kind of controversial, which surprised me, because I thought it was gorgeous. She was covered from head to toe in crystals. It think it was fantastic. Exactly, and it had a great 70's vibe with the bob she has going on right now. I guess some people felt it wasn't formal enough. But I thought she looked amazing. I completely disagree. I think this was just as formal as any other dress. It's not the Oscars, this is the SAG's, she can still have a little fun with it. And the cool thing about this outfit is actually, she tried it on two years ago, allegedly, but she went with a different outfit. And this year she played off her '70s bob and went with it, so I think it was pretty fun. It was perfect I thought. Who did you like, Becky? Well on the other end of the spectrum, Angelina Jolie played it a little more safe. But I love the slinky black dress she had on. It looked so gorgeous on her. It kind of reminded me of something that she might have worn to an award show like ten years ago. And I love the back, you know, she was showing off all her tattoos, so I just thought she looked gorgeous. Angelina can do no wrong for me. I loved her also at the Golden Globes. And clearly we all like black and white, because my favorite was Zoe Saldana. She wore this gorgeous Givenchy dress and the thing that I love about this is we actually saw this dress just a few days ago where it debuted at Givenchy in Paris Couture Week. That's pretty awesome, I mean Pretty amazing, I mean you know you're a movie star when you can get that dress in like less than a week delivered to you and wear it on the red carpet. Definitely, I love like the whimsical feel of it too, but it's edged up with that cool colored crystal choker. I mean sheer perfection! Well now you've seen a few of our favorite "best dressed" on the red carpet, let's go to the red carpet and see some of our favorite interviews. They usually just say, like "Fine, when are you coming home?" They just want to know if you can, you know, if they can sleep in our bed tonight. How cute was Angelina Jolie on E! just then? I think it's so adorable, I mean, her kids are waiting for her then to get home. It's so cute, right? Absolutely. So you were on the red carpet. Tell me about your favorite interview. I was, well we saw so many stars last night. There were a few notable absences I'll start with. We didn't see Leonardo DiCaprio because he wasn't nominated. Some people were really upset about that like. Mainly one. But you know, there were still a lot of huge stars there. Angie and Brad, George and Stacy. And I actually got a chance to talk to Guy Pearce, who is one of my all time favorites. Been a fan of his like, since Memento, back in the day and I talked to him a little bit about Mildred Pierce this year and he said that even though he and Kate Winslet have known each other for years and years, they'd never worked together but they were destined to do so, he thinks, because they have the same birthday, which I did not know. That's Cute. Yeah, interesting fact. I also talked to Armie Hammer who had a great year this year. He was nominated last night for his work in J Edgar opposite Leo and we also spoke about some of the movies he has coming up. He's got the Lone Ranger which is going to start filming really shortly and he also has been working on Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts and he told me a really cute story about being so impressed with Julia on the set that he was actually watching her in the monitor in a scene that he was supposed to join at some point and he got so wrapped up in her performance that he actually forgot to participate. I think I would do that. Exactly. I think that's pretty forgivable. So it's great to talk with him, I love him always. Go back to Juda though, because that was our favorite moment. In fact we were dying over here. So, Juda Friedlander from "30 Rock" -- always hilarious. I talked to him at the Emmy's and he's always really fun, but he definitely put me in a little bit of an awkward position this time on purpose. I think he has a crush on you. I mean, he couldn't leave, he went in for the hug and then kinda lingered for a few minutes. He was lingering for sure. I was pretty much trapped, actually. So actually, if you missed it, take a look now. This is getting very, very, Dr. John! I'll give you a hug. I'm not used to conducting interviews like this. I know but it's a little different. Still can't get over that moment, it was so good! But now that you've seen some of the red carpet interviews, let's go into our winners of the evening. Okay, Becky, so break it down, what do you think about the winners? Well, you know, that the SAGs are the last big award show before the Oscars, so a lot of times that dictates a little bit what's going to happen. You know Viola Davis really emerged as a front runner, before she and Meryl Streep were kind of neck and neck and now it's looking like it might be her night. But just because "The Help" took home Best Ensemble does not necessarily mean they're going to win best picture. In the past we've had movies like Little Miss Sunshine and Inglourious Basterds take home that award and not go on to get the oscar. So I don't think the cast of the Artist needs be to where it gets. Well, speaking of Viola Davis. I love her acceptance speech. So, let's take a look in case you missed it. I just have to say that, shat is there but a dream? You can't trade in your dream for another dream. I am so proud to be an actor. and I thank the Screen Actors Guild for this award and I have a special, special note to the kids in Central Falls, Rhode Island and Segue Institute of Learning in Central Falls, Rhode Island, to dream big, and dream fierce. Thank you very much. Such a sweet speech from Viola Davis, absolutely loved it, but not only were movies celebrated last night, it was also a big night for TV, and one of your favorite shows, Lindsey, Boardwalk Empire. Yes. A big winner last night. Totally, for sure. I thought it was really cute to have them brought all the kids in the cast up on stage when they accepted their honor and they actually brought them back to press room too and Michael Pitt was there. He made a brief appearance. You know, he's no longer on the show, but it was pretty cute because one of the 4 or 5 year old was there and he said, when people were asking how he felt, that Michael said he wanted a cigarette and the kids chastised him immediately and I'm like Michael. And they should. Exactly. So it was really a cute moment. Becky, you weren't rooting for Boardwalk Empire? No. So what are your thoughts? How you feeling? I was really hoping that Breaking Bad was going to finally get some love with this fourth season, but I also thought that maybe since Boardwalk Empire did so well in its debut season last year, that maybe it would make room for another show like Game of Thrones, going to pick something up. But you know what? It's still holding down strong. I don't know what it is, maybe it's because their executive producer is Martin Scorcese. Cheers everyone. Cheers. So, of course, a running gag last night was that the Bridesmaids ladies made up their own drinking game and every time Martin Scorsese's name was mentioned they all threw one back. It's a really fun game, it's very simple, here's what you do. You have to take a drink every time, and I mean every time, you hear the word Scorsese, Thank you for taking my wine Tina, but I have to thank our executive producer Martin Scorsese, you can drink. All right. Well, there you have it. Those are our favorite moments. This from fashion to the winners to the red carpet from the Screen Actors' Guild Awards last night. But of course awards season is not over yet. We've still got the Oscars coming up in just a few weeks so stay tuned for all of our coverage from that show. Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.

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