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Sam Claflin Snow White and the Huntsman Interview (Video)

Video: Sam Claflin Talks Love Triangles and Horseback-Riding Mishaps on the SWATH Set

Sam Claflin joins Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Hemsworth in the action-packed movie Snow White and the Huntsman. We sat down with the actor, who plays Prince William, at a recent press day near London, where he described the experience as a "dream come true." He shared stories of the on-set fun and admitted that his biggest challenge was with horseback riding. Sam also talked about working with the "charming" Kristen and even touched on being caught in the film's love triangle. Check out our interview with Sam, and make sure to see SWATH when it hits theaters on June 1.

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she's got the charming purity to her, that side of her, for nothing, she doesn't have to work for anything to do with that. my foot got caught in the stirrup, I hit the floor, face in the floor, Rupert's like, carry on, carry on! Snow White fans around the world are drawn to Kristen as well. What do you think made her such a great person for this role? I think she's just so focused and so hard working that Rupert was very safe in the knowledge that he knew that she was going to do everything she can to make it the best that she can. Working with her, she's got the charming purity to her, that side of her for nothing. She doesn't have to work for anything to do with that. But it is a very physical part as well, and then she brought lot of energy and a lot of dedication to it. Was there anything about the finished product that surprised you watching it? There was a few surprises, but in a great way. I think there's not one moment that I didn't sort of expect something to happen, or I don't know. I'm very happy with the end result, I think it's the best way to describe it. And the director was saying it was very intense sort of shooting process. But it still looked like it was fun, like you had a good time. Oh, my god. It was so much fun. I think to do any job sort of like this, you have to have fun whilst you do it. And the thing is, I think all of us across the board, maybe it was different for Rupert, and the stress levels must have been a bit higher. Yeah. But for us to be able to enjoy this job so much. I'm pretty sure I speak on behalf of every actor in the world that this is really a dream come true, a job like this, so a lot of fun we have. And this is still one of your first sort of big movies. Were you intimidated at all when you signed on to the project? I always have, and I think any job across the board no matter whether it's big, small or whatever, and I think you do get that sort of level of nerves. The adrenaline kicks in, you don't know whether it's nerves or excitement. And I do just become a bundle of nervous energy, really. But at the same time everyone makes you feel very welcome. You immediately feel very comfortable and the company you have and yeah, everyone was amazing. The atmosphere was fantastic. Okay. In terms of the fighting and the poster writing and the romance as well was it the only part of it that was particularly challenging for you? The horse riding. Definitely the horse riding. I'm no expert at all. Yeah, it took me a long while to even get the hang of it slightly, unless I had someone beside me saying "Kick it harder", or you know, ushering the horse along, I probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere. But no accidents? No accidents - oh, I did fall off the horse. Rupert decided that he wanted me and Kris to charge into the castle, jump off the horse, and then move forward with the fighting. But for me, I was in top to toe armor, the horse Still running full peg, and my foot got caught in the stirrup, hit the floor, facing the floor Rup was like "carry on, carry on". I was in full armor, couldn't move, it was a funny day. So I hope they caught it on film. Someone did, I'm sure. Watch for the outtakes. Exactly. So, you sign on this movie, you're the prince. Do you sort of assume then that you're the primary love interest, but instead, you sort of get this like love triangle. What was it like playing that? I think the amazing thing about what Rupert's done with this story, this script, is that he's taken Snow White as story as a classic, turned it, flipped on its head, and reinvented it. Completely rediscovered the characters, changed everything up a bit, introduced new characters and so for me, I think that, it could have got very boring if it was just the same old, same old Snow White, you know, but what he's brought to it is a new injection of freshness, I suppose. And it was a thrill to be part of a new story, really. There are a lot of cool features movie as well. Do you have a favorite one? I like the troll. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but it was incredible seeing that all come together.

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