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Sam Worthington Talking Avatar 2 News [Video]

Sam Worthington Reveals Avatar 2 Fears and Musical Comedy Dreams

Sam Worthington had to shoot Man on a Ledge high up in the NYC sky, but that fear was nothing compared to what is ahead for him in Avatar 2. Sam is ready to go whenever James Cameron is, and apparently the sequel will require some serious scuba diving skills from the actor. Really though, Sam is just looking to make fun movies, which is why he picked MOAL. Sam also revealed his own disappointment in his performance in Clash of the Titans and how he fixed things this time around for Wrath of the Titans. As for a dream role? Sam joked that musical comedy may be in his future. Check out the interview and watch for Man on a Ledge in theaters Jan. 27.

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Yes, it's completely stupid probably. But it was, you know, it's one of those kind of rare things in this job where I get to do stuff I never normally get to do. It's the initial kind of you're breathing underwater. Like fish are allowed to do that. I'm not too sure if humans are. So, what initially sort of drew you to this movie? I met with the producer. Okay. And yeah, we wanted to do a movie together. He'd done a lot of movies like Transformers, Red, The Matrix. Kind of the movies that you know, he knows that you want to entertain audiences, and that's how I think, that your job is to entertain an audience. That's why make movies, so we kind of tried to find a unashamedly popcorn kind of film. And you actually filmed it up on a ledge. Yeah, yeah. Was that scary? Yes. It's completely stupid, probably, but it was, you know, it's one of those kind of rare things in this job where I get to do stuff I'd never normally get to do. Yeah, were there any moments when you were, like, "I can't do this." Every day, every day I was like a sweating palms and just extremely nervous, but you kind of get over it the more you get into a scene you forget you're up there, but you never get complacent. And when you were first reading the script, I mean there are lots of twists and turns and obviously not going to give them away, were you surprised when you were reading it? No, it's about a man on a ledge, I told you. It's not that hard, so when I read it, I went, it's like a thrilling, kind of fun action film. It's what I wanted to be part of. And what is the latest on Avatar 2. I see Jim next week. He's doing many different things at the moment, but I know he's been slowly writing it and hopefully we will film it when Jim wants to film it, yeah. And I hear it's going to be underwater? There's a lot of that going on, yeah. Do you have experience SCUBA diving, any of that? Jim He got me dive lessons and some scuba gear. I've yet to do it, I'm a bit nervous, to be honest. Really? That makes you nervous? I'm really nervous underwater. I get kind of claustrophobic, not what's down there, you know that doesn't bother me. The marine life, it's the initial kind of you're breathing underwater, the fish are allowed to do that. I'm not too sure if humans are. So, yeah. More nerve-wracking than being on the ledge? Absolutely, I find. Absolutely. And what else do you have coming up? Wrath of the Titans comes out in March. I saw it the other day. I love it. It's great. And it's awesome. You know, it was problems that I had about my own performance in the first one and we kind of rectified them and put more monsters in it. And essentially it's about fathers and sons, though, so it's great. When you say that, what did you feel, what was wrong with the first one? I feel that I personally didn't deliver. I thought that I could have acted better, to be honest. So, I kind of, you know, decided to try a bit harder and give the audience more for their money. They deserve that. So how did you prepare to do that? We looked at the character more, and what kind of person is he, after ten years? What kind of a man is he? What kind of a hero do we want to give? And try different ways of looking at that. And you seem to do a lot of, you know, these sort of thriller action movies. What, is there any sort of type of movie you haven't conquered yet that you'd like to? I don't know, musical comedy? Yeah, do you sing? Badly. It's high risk. Scarier than being underwater. I probably sound better underwater.

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