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Scarlett Johansson Jeremy Renner Avengers Interview Video

Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner Talk About The Avengers' Humor and Prepping to Be Black Widow and Hawkeye

What's interesting about Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner's characters in The Avengers is that neither one actually has superpowers. They play Black Widow and Hawkeye, respectively, both of whom are trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who just happen to be amazing at kicking butt. I recently chatted with the duo at the film's press day in LA, where they discussed their characters' backstories and why the film is funnier than they expected. Johansson also discussed what it's like to play the only female Avenger. Watch!

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I don't know. I don't think I felt any extra pressure because I was girl doesn't apply to the movie, then what's really the point? So we've seen you play these characters before, but how is the experience different this time? Well, it's just a the whole experience is different cause were working with a larger group of actors. And Also, my character is not, you know, revealing the kind of true identity of the character. and learning her kinda back story. And also working with Joss is very different than working Jon Favreau they're very different. very different director, they have a very different style of directing. Both of your characters have kind of mysterious back story, so do you find the comics for that or do you just kinda play it by ear? No, I think you rely on starting from page one in the script, what it has to offer. And yeah, you can go back and you know, think about it all you want but if it doesn't apply to the movie than wasn't really the point. I think they planted enough seeds in this movie about artistry. But it was never talked about before was it? Oh I kind of thought they were. No. Yeah. So you just kind of go off that, you know. When you guys first saw the film what were you most most impressed by? By how funny it was. I was impressed also by how funny it was. And also just that it works. I think none of us it's really knew. This film is so huge. And it's seemingly, when we first went with Jonathon he's like, OK. This is going to be impossible. Many of these characters don't belong to the same. We're all that along the same universe and I think once we got that out of the way and that was on the table it was like "All right, we know what the challenges are," and we just can put all our best effort in and see what happens. And I think just seeing work up there, and work with an audience was really sort of surprising. Scarlett, is there any extra pressure being the only woman in the Avengers cause you're, kind of like, the role model for young girls that are looking up to you. I don't know. I don't think I felt any extra pressure because I was a girl. No, you know, if anything, it's really nice to be able to finally bring a female super hero to the screen that's not just using her sex appeal to fight baddies. You know, she's actually, just that kind of side effect.

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