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pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 9 years
HE IS CLEAN SHAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yayita yayita 9 years
I hate him for her, loser!
Luna13 Luna13 9 years
Scarlet is a beauty, she is one of the most classiest actresess (okay not incl this pic). She is only 20 or something and u dont see her clubbing or acting immaturely..
sweet-caroline sweet-caroline 9 years
the church lady shoes hahahhaa
Fab-girl Fab-girl 9 years
Yeah, the ankles are thick and with the fugly church lady shoes it makes it hideous. Make her stop!
Fab-girl Fab-girl 9 years
Yeah, the ankles are thick and with the fugly church lady shoes it makes it hideous. Make her stop!
SpicyMe SpicyMe 9 years
Ugh..the only reason I want them to break up is so that I can have him. He is totally HOT!! And I would be sympathetic to his emotions and needs if she won't.
sweet-caroline sweet-caroline 9 years
and i said they were a bit thick not fat lol
sweet-caroline sweet-caroline 9 years
i guess im use to seeing her in heels cause she looks really short in these pics
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 9 years
ScarJo is beautiful although I don't like the shoes in this pic I know she's just having a casual day. Her ankles are not fat she's a curvy sexy diva.
Fashiondiva91 Fashiondiva91 9 years
nobody wants sticks for ankles
Fashiondiva91 Fashiondiva91 9 years
I like her body leave her alone!
sweet-caroline sweet-caroline 9 years
she has a thick ankle
hamlinm hamlinm 9 years
she is seriously pushing maximum density - thats a fat girl screaming to come out
Fab-girl Fab-girl 9 years
I've always tried to warn all of you as to how tacky this woman really is. No one listens to me b/c they get blinded by the occasional boobage red carpet appearances. Trust me, people, she's matronly as hell; nowhere near sexy town.
Pungkin Pungkin 9 years
Does Scarlett really have FISHES on her dress or am i having a blurry contacts day? Fishes! And so many swimming around all that fabric - mu muu styles.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
I think pop was just making a comment about the particular picture, not predicting they're breaking up. Man those shoes are so fugly!! As for star signs, I I found out where all the planets were when I was born and what it came up with sounded so much like me it was freaky!
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 9 years
Valeri I think star signs tell us alot it's not always accurate but lots of times. Tim's great and my new date blog is up so check it out.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
caligirl, are you really into the whole star sign thing? it seems so "out there" to me. besides the stars lie about so many things HOW do you know if the birthday's they list are real? PS how's tiger?
Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 9 years
they make a cute couple. Scarlett is a brilliant actress IMO
lexaboo lexaboo 9 years
What is with the shoes??? Ew. Besides that, I think they are adorable together.
Fashiondiva91 Fashiondiva91 9 years
They are both hot
team_aspartame team_aspartame 9 years
i heart them together... they look so genuine.. hopefully josh can change her mind about not being monogamous
dAiLlEstBaByD dAiLlEstBaByD 9 years
I think he likes her wayyy more then she even knows....and she won't treat him the way he needs to be i'm juss counting the weeks til they split
IglooLover IglooLover 9 years
OK I have a gripe with PopSugar here: Do you really think you can tell if a couple is INTO each other from looking at 5 to 7 pictures taken in a moment in time? And think about it - do you and your significant other constantly hang all over each other in public displays of affection 24/7, let alone when a candid photo is taken? Why should these two, or any of the people you accuse of having some sort of relationship trouble be all about PDA. Don't you all realize that actors' and actresses' PDAs are all about PUBLICITY? They're actors, and being in front of the paparazzi is often just another STAGE. The only thing that matters is what goes on behind closed doors and everyone does a disservice to themselves to assume they will EVER know what really goes on in celebrities' lives, let alone thinking they can divine such truths through a freaking photo. Thanks. Sorry. Just had to vent.
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