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The Vow's Scott Speedman Talks Fist Fighting Channing Tatum For Rachel McAdams's Affections

Scott Speedman plays the guy who threatens to come between Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum in The Vow, and when we sat down with him at a recent press day for the movie, we talked about his onscreen fistfight and bringing some likability to his role as "the other man." Scott said he identified with the movie's romantic themes and also had kind words to say about his costars Channing and Rachel. Check out our interview and catch The Vow in theaters starting today!

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We weren't "methoding" it out. No, we weren't like, you know, swearing at each other before takes or anything like that. I think, you know, unless you're totally heartless and cold. I mean, I think we're all sort of romantic in a way. So you kind of have to walk a tightrope in this movie because because we don't want Rachel's character to end up with you but we have to understand why she would have loved you. Yeah, and you know, I don't mind if some people are like why is she gonna end up with this guy kind of want that sort of tension in the film. That's what really what I saw when I read the script, you know, how I could play this character just sort of originally instead of just laying the obvious device of you know, ex-boyfriend but I just kept it sort of simple with just, you know, how my feelings for her paying to Rachel's character. Was it easy to sort of build a rapport with her once you got to know her? Yes, it was because she's very cool but also, it is easy when you're with really good actor. You could not, if you're with a great actor then it doesn't matter, you don't have to meet each other before, you just get on set and they have built in history, it just works I mean it's gotta be kind of a challenge to add the dubs to this character so how did you kind of see him? I just saw him as a real guy and I mean I think that's something that I bring to the table is a degree of, you know, talent and ability that you know, kind of lends itself to building a role like this. It can be a little thin which makes it a total walkover for Channing's character, who is a very strong actor and a very strong presence. So I think ultimately it helps the movie to have somebody that's gonna be his rival, an equal rival. speaking of that, he ducks you at one point so. He does, so, quite so. Yeah, quite severely. Right. Gets a little punch there, yeah. So how did you prep for that. Was there a lot of practice or did you just kind of go with it? We were methoding it out, you know, we weren't like swearing each other between takes or anything like that. Right. No, we were laughing most of the time. Those were awkward scenes to shoot. He's such a nice guy, and I don't know, it's kind of funny to be able to have to shoot that scene. You shot a lot of the film too in your home town, Toronto. Yeah, Toronto. So that must have been nice to kind of get a chance home while you were working. Yeah, it was cool. It's always nice to shoot in your hometown. It can be a little challenging just with all your family and all your friends there and you get distracted easily, but it's nice, that's for sure. Now, tell me a little bit as well about this movie. Well, do you consider yourself romantic? Does something about the story especially pull you in? I think, you know, unless you're totally heartless and cold, I mean i think if you were also romantic. In a way, I mean this kind of stories have been around for a long time, you know, I mean it's the main theme in most movies. I think it's really hard to do well though, and I think the script in this movie is done very, very well and very effective that way. And what might surprise people that it's actually based on a real story. Based on a true story, yeah, that's always nice. It is a true story but, more than that, I've seen true stories that things based on true stories that just feel ridiculously stupid. Right. So, it doesn't matter if you have a real story if you don't have a director like Michael and 2 leads like this who can really ground it in reality, which is what they did, which is why it works.

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noonehere noonehere 3 years
I'm really surprised with Scott Speedman's career. He pops up regularly on the screen and then goes away. But he seems to never be forgotten. So likable!!!
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