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Scrubs Goes Up Against Grey's

Scrubs Goes Up Against Grey's

The cast and crew of Scrubs celebrated their 6th Season Premiere last night at the Esquire House in Beverly Hills. And despite rumors that this might be Zach's final season, NBC is feeling very confident about the show. So confident that they are putting it up against Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights.

While most producers would be totally terrified, head honcho Bill Lawrence seems to be keeping his sense of humor about the whole thing. He says, "If NBC is counting on 'Scrubs' then they are sh*t out of luck my friend. First of all, I am a huge TV fan -- Thursday night on NBC should be comedy. Secondly, we're going to think of something to name Zach Braff's character like McSomething -- McWeenie or McCheesy or something." I guess Dr. Cox won't be short of nicknames for JD this season. We like that NBC is going back to their roots with Thursday night comedies but it's going to be hard to choose between Grey's, The OC and Scrubs. The season premiere is November 30th at 9/8 central. For more pics of Zach, Donald Faison, Judy Reyes, Sarah Chalke, and Bill Lawrence just

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JudyReyes_A. Ro_11405081_600

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DonaldFais_A. Ro_11405274_600

DonaldFais_A. Ro_11405272_600

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