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Secret Life of the American Teenager Interview (Video)

The Secret Life of the American Teenager's New Cast Members Talk Flirtation and Fake Pregnancy

As Kathy and Ethan, Cierra Ramirez and Michael Grant are some of the newest cast members on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and they sat down with us at TCA to talk about what it's been like to join the show. Ramirez, whose character is nine months pregnant, talked about how she was excited to wear a fake baby bump, and they both talked about the romance brewing between Ethan and Kathy.

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I've actually become so comfortable with it. Towards the end of the day, I'm rubbing it like it's real. It's very cool to see and meet people who are at the end of the show. It's a very cool experience. What did it feel like when you got the news that you were joining? It was fantastic honestly, I mean I was so happy to have gotten the part, and just to be able to continue to work on the show has been just terrific. And had you watched it before? Yeah, definitely. I always kept up with the show, you know, kids in school you know, I watch it and stuff. So, to come on, it was something I never dreamed about because it was incredible. And when you got the call were you immediately like they're gonna make me pregnant? No. I was actually so excited. Really? Yes. I didn't know what it would be like to be pregnant, so I went into the fitting with my mom, and it was crazy, I had to try on all these baby bumps, it was just really funny.What 's the experience like wearing the baby bump around? I have actually become so comfortable with it. Really? Yeah, like towards the end of the day, I'm rubbing it like it's real. It's fun. It's really fun. I'm resting things on it. Your characters are kind of heating up. So where are we gonna see that progress? Well, you'll have to tune in, but there's a ton of interesting stuff coming up, between Ethan and Kathy and ups and downs. And you know it's something that Everything in between. Yeah. Because of the fact that I'm 6 months pregnant and the baby isn't his, that definitely adds to a lot of the drama. Yeah, and a little tension here and there sometimes. Definitely. Yeah, just a little. But it's similar to a few other of the older story lines that have been on the show, so did you ever worry that they had to make Ethan's and Kathy's story different enough from those? I didn't. Not so much, because they're different characters characters. Right. Yeah. Because, my character Kathy plans to give her baby up for adoption. Right. Nobody on the show plans to do that, so I don't know, I've never really kind of connect with the others. And were there any other lines on the show either in the past or that are upcoming that shocked you when you read about them or saw them. You know what really shocked me was when Adrian's character lost her baby. Definitely. That was very, very kind of emotional heartbreaking moment in the show, it's like I don't know. It kind of brings brings it all home. Stuff does happen. At least Amy's story kind of in some ways, while it's challenging for her to have a child. She have a very supportive family and you know with Ricky and everything but for someone to lose their child no matter how young or old, it's kind of a dramatic thing. Yeah, the show deals with lots of heavy topics like that. So do you ever have young fans who would come up to you and say approach you or want to talk to you about anything? I have had a few people approach me. Really? Saying that they identify with the character, and that's always great. Because I hear lots of their stories and they tell me that they were actually pregnant as teenagers too, and they can just relate to all the stories, and they really appreciate it and it's really great to get. Yeah, it's very cool to see and meet people who are fans of the show, and who identify and can relate to the character stories and kind of. You put in all this work to it and then, you know, to see people who really enjoy it, it's very cool too.

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