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Should Britney Tour with Nick?

Nick apparently is just as excited as we are that Britney is back, and wants to tour with her. He said, "She has that quality about her that people want to root for. If she puts together a great record, and I'm confident she will, I think she'll be right back to where she was. A joint tour would be a Jive Records dream right there... I'd open for Britney." What do you think? Should Britney tour with Nick?


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cari907 cari907 9 years
it would be horrible if they hooked up she coundt do that to jessica
ohshqipe ohshqipe 9 years were saying? Is this a joke? The only reason Nick is famous, is of Jessica Simpson.He is nuthin! NUTHIN! pffff
turtle-girl turtle-girl 9 years
I personally think both of their music is lame, boring, whatever. So tour together, I wouldn't be at either show anyway. As far as dating...are you kidding? He's so much better than that.
Luna13 Luna13 9 years
it would be quite interesting but i doubt the majority would be there for Nick, quite an ego downer
Torrie Torrie 9 years
OMG, it would rock if these two sing together.
Beautifulbarbie Beautifulbarbie 9 years
Sounds like a bad idea.
omg! i would love it if the two would sing together.. it would be a great show. and britney is ttly going to come back since k-fed is gone!
omg! i would love it if the two would sing together.. it would be a great show. and britney is ttly going to come back since k-fed is gone!
AriStarsSoFar AriStarsSoFar 9 years
Don't sleep on Nick,listen to his cd,his best work ever.I've never bought a 98 or Nick cd but I bought his latest one and I LOVE IT,it's sounds really good,and I hate poppy poppy music but his cd is none of that.It's really good work.....
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
That's what I was thinking Jenna. Camp Pimpson would HATE Nick touring with Britney!
Annie2u59 Annie2u59 9 years
i don't get the nick hype at all, he`s pastie and kinda homely. and seems a little whinny.
JennaV JennaV 9 years
:rotfl: If only for Jessica seething with jealousy, YES!
Imabeliever Imabeliever 9 years
Jessica would die if he toured with Britt..she always talked shit about Britt and repeatedly said that she didn't think anything she did was sexy.. LOL if her ex husband was touring with a recently single come back kid!
betonit24 betonit24 9 years
what about them dating? ew.
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 9 years
I am so ready for her comeback tour!! When i heard Nick talk about this on tv last night, i was like babe(my finace) start saving for those $200 tickets now!!
coconutmonkey coconutmonkey 9 years
A 33yr old would want to open with Britney because his they basically have the same audience. Teens and twenty somethings like him... and her.
ladylove ladylove 9 years
Why would a 33yr.old man want to open up for Britney Spears? I like Nick and all, but this would be a bad move. I think it's premature to think that Nick would be selected as an opening act anyway. JC Chasez is also a label mate and more intuned to her sound anyway.
sweetascandi81 sweetascandi81 9 years
I would totally love to see them together! Professionally, and romantically. I think Nick would be awesome with her boys! I'm not a huge fan of Nick being with Vanessa, she seems publicity hungry. Team Nick and Britney! ~Trust Fate*Have Hope*Love Always~
cubadog cubadog 9 years
I think it would be nice if Britney actually sang at all her concerts. One of my friends actually wasted her money on the show in Vegas that they taped for HBO and she did not sing one song. If your going to sing and dance you better make sure you can do both!
LizaToad LizaToad 9 years
where is the i like brit, but not nick option?
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 9 years
1167 votes? Who is online tonight?!?!?!
gardengirlie gardengirlie 9 years
Where is the "no way i don't like nick" option? I would have picked that one.
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
omg that would be amazing. i do love nick's new cd, but i think i'd be more excited just to actually see him, and i love britney so i think it'd be great.
AtlantaNoleGirl AtlantaNoleGirl 9 years
Ew, I don't think they should date or tour. I love Britney, but would never sit through a Nick concert. They don't go together. Britney will sell out huge arenas worldwide, of course he'd like to tour with her. It'd be to his advantage. She doesn't need him. ----------- “Buy me a dream: Shopping for clothes isn’t about the things you need, it’s about the woman you’ll become when you wear them.”
flower flower 9 years
jillness..thats so true. britney flails her arms around, sticks her butt out makes arm movements..its s00 mechanical. carmen electra is a wicked dancer..better than britney in my opinion.i just dont see whats soo great bout her dancing. there are thousands of dancers out there who are more SUPERIOR dancers than britney with stage presence,yet people are so oooo and auuu over her moves. we all know she will hit on him,now that shes single again...britney allways wanted her newlyweds show. imo..shes NOT good enough for him. nick wants a woman with NO DRAMA! and no baggage. doubt he would want the media hounding him if they hooked up...fed-ex is part of the spears baggage.
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