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Sienna Knows She Runs Her Mouth, Doesn't Really Care

Sienna Knows She Runs Her Mouth, Doesn't Really Care

If anyone knows how often Sienna Miller puts her foot in her mouth, it's Sienna Miller. And if her most recent interview with The Guardian is any indication, she's not all that interested in looking into a better word sieve. Functional self filter or not, there's something a little endearing about the girl who just can't not say what's on her mind. Here's more:

  • On the Pittsburgh/Sh**sburgh debacle: I had to meet the mayor live on TV and apologise. It was huge! People are dying in Iraq and where is our focus, d'you know what I mean? Having met me, you'll realise these things just come out. I think it might be mild Tourette's, not to insult people who have proper Tourette's, but I will say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate time to the most inappropriate person. Always. Guaranteed....She tells me how she and her friends then spent ages renaming other American places. "Massivetwosh**s is Massachusetts. Connectic*nt, or Connectibutt. We came up with loads." She stops herself. "But I don't deliberately hurt anybody. And, actually, I like Pittsburgh, I do."
  • On the biggest misconception about her: That I'm a slut. Apparently. Apparently, I've shagged half of Hollywood. And that's not true....Yeah, I'd met them ... you are allowed to have male friends!

Dude, whatchu got against the East, Sienna? To see more from Sienna, her relationship with Jude, the urine-related games she plays with photogs and those infamous hotpants just

  • On her relationship with Jude Law and why she fell in love with him: It was like best of times, worst of times. I don't want to talk about Jude out of respect to him, but at the point that it was happening I was falling madly in love with him. In one sense it was a really happy time. I'm not going to talk about what it was like, because it was really intense and really intimidating. Boring!..What attracted her to the gorgeous millionaire, Jude Law, I ask. "Heeheeheeh! Everything about him. He's an incredibly brilliant, intelligent, funny, charismatic, vivacious, kind, beautiful, rich ... Don't put the last thing."
  • On dealing with the Paparazzi: Well, no, I think it's adrenaline. You feel you're in a video sometimes. I play these games to make it more amusing, like I'm Lara Croft or something. So I find myself ducking behind cars and I've got my girlfriends and we once filled a supersquirter with pee and squirted it at them.
  • The pants! The pants: "They were a f*cking great idea, in my opinion. If anybody knew or had bothered to watch the film, they would have known that's the outfit Edie used to wear - black tights, black knickers and a top, and this was the party at the Chelsea hotel where Edie lived, and I went as a homage to Edie in Edie clothes. American Vogue liked it!"

Well, if American Vogue liked it... (seriously though, I'm not sure she didn't just mean Anna Wintour didn't want to be mean to her face). Aw Sienna, at least we never have to worry that we don't know how she really feels.

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