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A Silent Suri?

Do we have an answer as to why Suri is still MIA? The Scoop reports it may have to do with a Scientology-inspired quiet life inspired by the Scientology-inspired silent birth. Well at least it's some sort of explanation since everyone is clearly wondering WTF is going on with this kid.

Rick Ross of tells The Scoop that devout Scientologist Cruise and his convert sweetie Katie Holmes may be following the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard — who advised against exposing young children to noise.

“A negative experience coupled with noise can create what Scientologists call an engram — which leads to recurring negative reactions,” Ross explains. “That might include paparazzi, newspeople, or a clamorous crowd. The only way to remove engrams, Scientologists believe, is through the process they call auditing. When a Scientologist talks about ‘reaching clear’ — they’re talking about clearing engrams from your mind. Tom Cruise’s efforts to create a quiet cocoon around his daughter might be a precaution against engrams.”

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