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Snow White and the Huntsman Wondercon Interview

Snow White and the Huntsman Director Rupert Sanders Says Kristen Stewart Is a "Tough Cookie" and a "Great Role Model"

WonderCon hit Anaheim over the weekend, and Snow White and the Huntsman was one of the films that was featured at the event. Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart spoke at the SWATH panel, and we were able to catch up with the film's director, Rupert Sanders. Rupert talked about how he knew Kristen was perfect for the film, explaining that she's a "tough cookie" and is "spectacular" in the film. He also gave a few hints about how she kicks butt in the movie — and even punches a few dwarves!

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I'm kind of intrested in the challenge of taking on a story like this because you want to put your own stamp on it but you also have to hold true. It's one of those core elements. So what were the things from the story or the fairly tale that really important to you to retain at this point. I think the underlying theme we also held on to the mirror obviously we held on to the ...young Snow White. We held on to poisoned apple. We held onto pretty much everything in that story, we just told it in a different way. We put a twist on everything. But I hope that symbolically the films are aligned sorry not the films but our film and the original stories I'm very much cut from the same cloth. Now what was it about Kristen that made her right for this role in your mind? I think when we first started When we were looking for Snow White, I saw a lot of young actors. We were trying to discover someone and then I flew down to Baton Rouge where she was shooting Twilight and we went into her trailer and she was bandaging her lower stomach area where she burnt herself with a Camel chewed in between her teeth. And I was like, that's my girl. Yeah, she's a tough cookie, but she's very very strong. I think she is a great role model for young people, you know, she's really -- in this film, she really does something quite unexpected and quite spectacular. I'm very happy that we got to work together. Was it kind of nice to be able to director her in one of her first sort of post Twilight rolls. Do you think it was kind of a freeing good experience for her. I think she was ready to do something big post Twilight, and I'm very happy that she chose our project. I think it's What's great about it gives her so many facets of her acting and her physical ability which was really in important for her to do. And I think I think she was probably nervous going into it. Because she knows how many people are ready to pounce everything on she does so she's great you know. I'd be terrified. I would have taken the money and run myself, quit while the house is out. Well, she also hurt herself a little bit during shoot I know. When I've interviewed her she had her camera. Yeah she, you know she'll get in there, she's like a kid on the playground. and you know, is really tenacious. You have to kind of you know, but you cant really stop her, she leaps off the cliff, she rides the horses, and she punches dwarves, (beep) happens when you punch dwarves it will pay off in the end. Thank you so much. Lovely to meet you, thank you

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