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Snow White in Pop Culture (Video)

Video: Who's the Fairest Snow White?

The latest retelling of the classic Snow White story, Snow White and the Huntsman is out Friday, starring Kristen Stewart as the popular princess and Charlize Theron as the evil queen. It's just one of several recent takes on Snow White. Ginnifer Goodwin plays a modern interpretation of the maiden in Once Upon a Time while Julia Roberts and Lily Collins's Mirror Mirror hit screens earlier this year. Find out what sets them apart in our special.

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Snow White has gone from damsel in distress to bad ass. We are here to look at the many Snow Whites and help decide who the fairest of them all. Ever since Disney took a traditional take on the fairy tale in this 1937 animated film, most adaptations of the classic story have not strayed too far but this year we have got three very different re-inventions of the popular princess. Jennifer Goodwin does double duty on once Once Upon A Time is playing both the story book version of Snow White and her modern day alter ego sister Mary Margaret Blanchard who is unaware of her fairy tale connection challenging to create two characters based on the same person. Both Snow Whites toe the line between damsel in distress and independent lady, making for a modern maiden Jennifer is proud to portray. To be honest, she is an amalgamation of all kinds of qualities I wish I was. So I love playing her "Who feels like crashing a wedding?" Lily Collins' Snow White is one brave young girl who leads a group of seven bandits to take back her throne from the impossibly funny and wicked Julia Roberts. "Snow White." "Ugh." Snow goes through the course of starting out as this innocent young girl to growing into a young woman. The coming-of-age story of this Snow White is what Lily believes makes the character so relatable. I think every little girl has a little bit of Snow in them, that wide-eyed innocent, just wanting to explore the unknown as well as finding yourself. "You should know, you're the one hunting me." And finally, we've got Kristin Stewart, the most bad-ass and British version of Snow White. With the help of Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman, eight dwarfs, and Prince William, no, not that one. Kristen suits up in armor and begins a rebellion to take down her evil step-mother played by Charlize Theron. I am frantically running constantly in this film. And everything is slippery. I do what I can. I hurt myself constantly I don't know what happens. I can't be careful. Kristen killed it doing many of her own stunts. But she told us boyfriend Robert Pattinson gave her a hard time about her on screen English accent. He pissed me off so much throughout that that whole process. He loves to, I mean, he's heard it now and he's like wow, that's pretty good. Initially, I think he just likes to mess with me and I was so sensitive about it. Now that you know a bit more about each Snow White, all that's left is one question: Mirror, mirror on the wall Who is the fairest of them all?

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