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Sophia Bush Talks One Tree Hill Finale

Sophia Bush Talks One Tree Hill Finale and What She Stole From the Set

Sophia Bush has played Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill for the past nine years, and we recently sat down with her to reminisce about her fondest memories and what we can expect from the show's finale. She wouldn't let us in on all the top-secret plot twists, but she did share what special item she took from the set as a keepsake. Watch to find out about all of that and more, and don't forget to tune in Wednesday at 8 p.m. for the final season of One Tree Hill.

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throwing stuff and I'm breaking bowls and then we cut and the prop guys run out and they're like, "Those didn't belong to us." It's meshed a lot, but Brook, Brook she's a ballsy chick, man. Last night was the season premier of the final season of One Tree Hill and it was pretty intense. Yeah. I believe there's opening scene where you're just trashing a kitchen, we don't know why yet, but, was that scene kind of fun to film? It was amazing. I got to break so many things. But the not-so-great part was that, next to the coffee machine in that cafe, they have all those big glass bottles of pump syrups for coffees, you know, that are all flavored. And they put this little Go-pro camera on it and everything in my way I was supposed to decimate. And so I get to those and I hit the end, and I shove them off the counter and they explode everywhere and I was like wow that's really great breakaway glass. You know and I keep going, I'm throwing stuff, and I'm breaking bowls and then we cut and the prop guys run out and they're like, "those didn't belong to us." And it was all the syrup bottles that actually belonged to the cafe we were shooting in, so we had to replace them all. Another big thing is Dan Fax [sp?]. Yes. How do you you feel about that. He's so good. It's so amazing to have Paul back. His dynamic just elevates the show. You know, the character that he plays is so centrally important, and he's just such a great guy. but his character is so believable that James Lafferty was in here earlier telling us stories about women who have actually hit him on the arm, thinking that he's Dan. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. We were were all in New York years ago when the show first started for some press, and a woman came up to Paul and dropped her bag off of her shoulder and whacked him with it. I mean, hit him with her handbag! and everybody kind of went, whoa Liddy, Paul is a really nice guy, it's not real. But especially after all the these years, I think people do have a hard time separating a little bit. Yeah. Well, I mean, it's crazy to think that you started playing Brooke as a young high school student, and now she's a new wife, she's a mom. Yeah. She's a 27 year-old who's married with two kids. What has been your favorite part about the character? I think just her evolution, you know, Brooke's heart has always been in the right place. So she's done wonderful things in her life, and she's also totally screwed up at times. And I think that that's part of the reason that so many women love Brooke and relate to Brooke, because that's real. You know, that's, I think, who all of us are. You hope that, you know, the scale is more weighted to the good things that have happened to you than the bad? But I don't know anybody whose life has been a walk in the park. Is there anything that you just love about the character that you've kind of brought into your own life and your personality, or is it just kind of meshed over the years? It's meshed a lot. But Brooke, Brooke she's a ballsy chick, man. She's always got it. She's always got the zinger or the line. I've definitely learned to bite my tongue less, playing Brook. Well, so what's next for you, after the season wraps. Is it films, TV? We know you've directed. Yeah. So is that in the future possibly? Yeah, more directing is definitely... You write too, right? Yeah, I do. I was a journalism major, and I write quite a bit. But for me, really, I've had so many trips planned, so many philanthropic trips over the years that I haven't been able to take because the show kept getting picked up. So, I think the thing I'm really focused on right now is getting a couple more stamps on my passport. Aside from being a great actress, you're also known for being quite the philanthropist. What are some of the charities that you're involved in? I love acting, but it's my job. My passion for life is in changing the world. You know, we just did the trip to Laos with Pencils of Promise which was sensational and so special. So there are a lot of really, really good things happening. I think this is going to be a good year. Are there any last minute things that you to steal from the set just to have a little keepsake. I took that check that Millie gives to Brooke, when Brooke opens the store and Victoria says it's a failure, and Millie says "well I'd like to buy this dress" but Brooke knows she can't afford it, and says "well I'm going to have to frame this check, it's my first one". And Millicent says "and then you can't cash it". Oh, we have this whole moment. So I have that now at home and it's just really special, you know, one of the best things that happened to me on the show is the friends that I've left with, and Lisa is one of my best friends in the world now. And so I look at it, and even though she's living in Florida with her hubby and I'm in LA, I'm like yeah, that's my girl.

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