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Step Up Revolution Stars Dancing (Video)

Step Up Revolution Stars Show Off Dance Movie Trivia and '90s Dance Moves!

Step Up Revolution is in theaters this weekend and to celebrate, PopSugar editor Lindsay Miller put stars Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Guzman to the test. Play along with Kathryn and Ryan in our How Well Do You Know: Dance Movies game and watch them bust a few moves in our totally '90s dance off!

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Hey everyone, I'm Lindsey Miller and today we're playing How Well Do You Know and our contestants are the stars of Step Up Revolution. We've got Ryan and Catherine McCormick [sp?] How's it going? Good. How you doing? Good, so the topic today is going to be dance movie trivia. You guys think you're ready? She's ready. What city does the first Step Up take place in? New York. no, no, it's actually shot in? It's supposed to be New York though? No it's not. Shoot, bombing already. You were close, but it was Baltimore. Baltimore because it was so hot. All right, I think you guys have to get this one. Please. What's the song they dance to at the end of Dirty Dancing? There you go, "Time of My Life". She's kind of pulling the weight here. She's a dancer. See if you can step it up on this next one. just throw it over to me every time. No, you don't have to be a dancer to know some of these movies, Ryan. All right. OK, ready. What is the name of the high school they attended? River creek, ride out high. I was gonna say that. There you go. She stole your thunder. I know, we just talked about that, too. Which rapper makes the candy You know, in Honey, with Jessica Alba. It is. Congratulations. You got one. One for the boys. There we go. What are the names of the rival gangs in West Side Story? Jets. I should That's one of them. The Jets versus, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun. Do you know the answer and you're just like stalling? Yeah. Yeah, she's just putting it on you. Sharks. There you go. Sharks versus the Jets. Okay. Can you name all of the Step Up movies in order. Step Up. Step Up to the Streets. Step Up 3D. Step Up Revolution. I mean you go. I think they did pretty well. Now, we're going to pit you against each other for the next segment. I think we were doing that already, but let's try it out. There you go. to work. The topic for this next segment is '90s Dance Moves. So, one by one you guys are going to take turns showing us a dancer that was popular in the '90s. the first one you to sort of run out of dance moves to show us, the first person to be Stumped, is out. Ok just see, you know I was born in 1990. So, I was a baby when all of this happened. No excuse. First, the Running Man. Oh, okay. That's a good one. Cabbage patch? Hey! That was a good one. Okay, I don't know how to do this one, but the Harlem Shake. Well, let's see your best approximate. Wait, I feel like we should have you to do if you call it out. I don't know how. Looks like it to me. I couldn't play last night. It is. From the late 90's. Oh, that's a good one. Pretty impressive. Hit replay. That's a classic. Momma said knock you out, right here. This is what it is. There you go. Right there. I like that. Okay. The Macarena. There you go. I was waiting for someone to bust out the Macarena today. The MC Hammer. The MC Hammer. You should have worned us before you did that one. Okay, I don't know this ones called with the grocery cart happened to be something that was it. Was it? I guess. Was it? I think so. All right. Okay, Bryan. What do I have, oh no. I have to get one too, I don't know what is that called. It was in the 90's. I saw it. I feel like in the '90s, that was kind of when you had your Missy Elliott videos, you had coming out. And it was getting down into like the girls booty-popping. No, no. You're calling it? I'm calling that one. You're calling her out on that one? I'm calling her out on that one. thing. I'm an impartial judge here, I will say. But, I think if I had to call it, at this point, I think I'd have to give it to Ryan. It's true. Whatever. Okay, so you guys did great as a team. I think Ryan edged you out on the second segment. Being born in the '90s he just had the edge I think. So, good job. Congratulations. thank you guys so much for playing along .Thank you guys for watching,and check out step up revolution,its in theaters on this Friday.

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Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 3 years
Shoot — I wanted to see some Lindsay dance moves! ;-)
Brandi-Milloy Brandi-Milloy 3 years
Fun interview! Loved this one Lindsay! 
Grace-Hitchcock Grace-Hitchcock 3 years
What an adorable interview/dance game! They look like such fun- and good job judging Lindsay! 
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