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Sugar Bits - Bob Barker Retires

  • Bob Barker is retiring from The Price is Right after 50 years in television. I'm sure he has a great pension plan. - AP
  • Is Anna Nicole dying her baby's hair to look more like Howard K Stern's? This whole baby mystery thing is getting us sick. - US Weekly
  • Now the Cambodian charity that Angelina accused of misappropriating her donation funds is threatening to sue. So much for the gift of giving back. - Reuters
  • Ivana Trump's friends are worried. Her drinking is evidently so out of control she had to be carried out of Barbara Davis' Carousel Ball on Saturday. Yikes! - Page Six
  • Barbara Streisand had a drink thrown at her on Monday night after performing her now infamous Bush skit during her concert. Maybe the guy thought she was thirsty. - AP
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