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Sugar Bits - Donald Continues the Feud

  • Donald Trump continues to rile the women of The View this week. He sent Barbara Walters a large pair of underwear and bustier that Rosie wore in her film Exit to Eden which he suggested Babs hang on her wall. All this just in time for Sunday night's season finale. - Page Six
  • The rumor over in England is that Prince William broke it off with Kate Middleton because her mother was too common and greeted the queen with "Pleased to meet you" instead of the preferred "How do you do?" Oh the horror of it all. - The Scoop
  • Neil Patrick Harris calls his decision to come out a result of a media witch-hunt but is happy that his life hasn't really changed at all because of it. We're glad it hasn't changed much and we certainly still love Barney's womanizing ways! - US Weekly
  • Snoop and The Pussycat Dolls had a hard time pulling it together for a concert to benefit UNICEF this week. A very stoned Snoop demanded an Xbox before he would go on and one of the blonde dolls thanked Unicel instead of UNICEF. Nice Work, guys! - Page Six
  • Chris Rock has asked a court to determine if he's the father of his alleged 13 year-old son and intends to live up to his fatherly duties if he is. Good to hear he's ready to take responsibility for his actions. - People
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