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Sugar Bits - Nicky Gets Teary After Visiting Paris in Jail

  • Nicky Hilton was "in hysterics" after going with her mother to visit Paris in jail. Guess the orange jumpsuit isn't Paris' best look. - People
  • Two more women in Florida are suing Joe Francis on the charges that they were under 21 when "coerced" into participating in Girls Gone Wild. Joe should probably get comfortable in his prison cell. - Page Six
  • When asked about having gay people in her life, Ellen Pompeo claimed that she was "raised by drag queens practically." Definitely sounds different from Meredith Grey's childhood. - Us Weekly
  • Lindsay Lohan is being sued on the charges that she was drunk when smashing into another car after leaving the Ivy in 2005. This should make for a fun post-rehab project for LL. - TMZ
  • James Gandolfini claims he has "no idea" what the series finale of The Sopranos implied about Tony Sopranos future. Hey James, join the club. - AP
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