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Video: 5 TV Shows to Help You Survive the Summer Drought!

Most of our favorite shows are wrapped for the season, but that doesn't mean your DVRs will be getting a break for the Summer. There's a whole crop of series (both old and new) that are coming your way, and BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal are breaking down the five must-see shows to get you through the Summer. Watch and tell us which show you're most excited about.

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With the TV season coming to a close, it's gonna be months before our favorite shows return. Okay, well, I'm officially terrified. In this weeks episode of The Buzz, we're here to help with the series that'll get you though the summer drought. Hi, I'm Becky Kirsch. I'm Shannon Vestal, and we're the editors of BuzzSugar. It used to feel like there was never anything good on TV in summer, but that's no longer the case. So we're breaking down five series to look forward to, starting with True Blood. Yep, we're going into the fifth season of True Blood. And even after all these years, I'm still really excited to watch because it is my eye candy show. I love Alexander Skarsgård as Eric, Steven Moyer as Bill, and Joe Manganiello as Alcide. And as we've seen in some of the previews, it looks like Becky is finally warming up to Alcide. So I'm hoping that's a little romance that we're gonna be stoked. I like how you have that dreamy, far-off look in your eyes when you're talking about it. So, what new characters can we look start to see on this season. Well, there's gonna be a focus on the council known as the Vampire Authority. So we're gonna see several new characters including one named Roman, who's a powerful vampire who's played by Christopher Meloni. He's a TV veteran. I'm sure everyone will recognize him. And I'm also really excited to see this character called Nora who's actually Eric's sister. I agree that most people recognize Christopher Meloni, although Bon Temps seems a long way away from Law & Order SUV. It is. I personally can't wait to see the aftermath of Tara's death and if whether or not she's actually alive. Oh, God, Tara, no! Let's go on to another show that also ended on kind of a cliffhanger, and that's Pretty Little Liars. Right. Now this show is as addictive as they come. One of the things that's been keeping it going is the central mystery of who A was. Well, we find out at the end of Season 2 - turn this off right now if you don't wanna know. Huge spoiler. But A is Mona. So Season 3 is now going to focus on I guess what happens like in the aftermath of Now that we know who this is, now that this mystery has been solved. So now, for fans that have been watching just to find out the mystery. What's like West like why do you think you should continue watching. The mystery has been, you know, really interesting to watch but, like, this show I think is just candy, not just eye candy for the guys far out, but there's also these really great relationships like Aria and Ezra. I'm always interested to see what happens with them. So I think that people will still watch. Well, another show that's gonna be fun to watch is So You Think You Can Dance which could not come at a better time because there are so many singing competitions, including a new one. And, you know, I'm sorry, Kelly Clarkson, but I just can't take the singing anymore. And So You Think You Can Dance is the only dancing competition that matters. Sorry, America's Best Dance Crew. But I'm really excited about this season because we're gonna see a format change. It's gonna go from two nights a week to just one night a week. It's a two-hour long show. So you'll see the dances and the elimination on the same night. And another thing that's gonna happen is that this season there's going to be a male winner and a female winner. So I'm just pumped. I'm excited that it's changing. And I love being an armchair critic. I love watching the deal thing. All right, well, while you're watching like the dancing and the eye candy and all that stuff, I'm gonna be programming my DVR for Breaking Bad, which is not only my favorite summer show but one of my favorite shows in general. Of course it is a lot heavier than some of the other stuff we've already been talking about but if you need your genre fixed, this is where you wanna get it from. The last season ended on kind of, you know, a very interesting note for fans. It's hard to describe. I don't wanna spoil too much, but there was a death of a major character. So I'm really looking forward to seeing how they'll pick it up from here. And this kind of marks the beginning of the end for this show, right? Yeah, it does, 'cause there's 16 episodes left so they're dividing it into two seasons of 8. So we'll have to wait all the way until next summer to find out how it all turns out, but 8 episodes. I'll take it. I'll take whatever I can get with this show. It's over. We're safe. So it's not just returning here that you can look forward to. There's also some new stuff. And one show that I really can't wait to see is the Newsroom, which is a new show from HBO. And to me, summertime shows, I don't know. HBO kind of feels like they go together because they had Sex and the City, Entourage, Six Feet Under. All those shows premiered in the summer. So now this new one comes from Aaron Sorkin. And I love pretty much everything he does. Most recently he did Money Ball and he did The Social Network. But the West Wing is when I fell in love with his writing, so I can't wait to see him come back to TV. I'm totally with you on the Sorkin love and I'm really pumped on the show. It's about a news anchor played by Jeff Daniels who from the looks of the preview, it looks like he kind of falls apart and has to pick up the pieces and I'm not just excited about Jeff Daniels. I'm really excited for this cast. It's got a great ensemble, people like Dev Patel and Chris Messina. I just can't wait. I'm putting it on my DVR that on purpose. I was fighting the good fight. How is it going so far? Progress is but I'm in it for the long haul. So do you think it's gonna be a comedy or a drama? Because it sounds serious but the trailer is kinda funny, right? Yeah. And it's Aaron Sorkin. So I'm kind of thinking dramedy. Like, think about how many times you laughed in Money Ball. So that's what I'm hoping for. I will think about that. Anyway, you can watch the Newsroom in late June. And until then, tell us what shows you can't wait to see this summer. I'm Shannon Vestal. I 'm Becky Kirsch and thanks for watching The Buzz.

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