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Take Our Guess the Celebrity Sibling Quiz!

We've already tested your knowledge on celebrity bikini bodies, tattoos, engagement rings and even their mothers — and now we want to see how much you know about their brothers and sisters! Whether it's a stroll down the red carpet with their brother or a meal out with their sister, we love to see some good old-fashioned sibling bonding. Take our quiz to find out if you can match the celebrity and their brother or sister!

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Guess who posed at a premiere with her half-brother?

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Guess who shopped for snacks with her younger brother?

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Guess who brought her sister to The Tonight Show?

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Guess who walked the red carpet with her sister?

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Guess who brought his sister to the SAG Awards?

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Guess who took her little brother shopping?

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Guess who went to lunch with her brother and nephew?

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Guess who showed her little sister how to pose on the red carpet?

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Guess who sat in the front row with her sister at a Roberto Cavalli fashion show?

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Guess who posed with her older brother?

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