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Celebrity Couples
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Celebrity Couples
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Tara Reid and Chris Klein American Reunion Interview (Video)

The American Reunion Cast on an Onscreen Dance Off and Who They'd Vote "Most Changed"

The crew from American Pie is back for more laughs, romance, and of course, awkward moments in the upcoming American Reunion. We recently sat down with a few of the movie's stars, including Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, Tara Reid, and Thomas Ian Nicholas, to talk about teaming up again 13 years after their first film. We also chatted about some of their most memorable questions from fans over the years, who in the cast has changed the most since American Pie, and Chris Klein's impressive dance scene in their new movie. Check out our interview and catch American Reunion when it hits theaters on April 6.

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right, may be a diva, but, you know, we made it work. Oh, diva. I have a boyfriend and I'm thinking of losing my virginity to please, oh my god, I don't know. So, did you really hook up with Tara Reed. Sounds like the party room from No, no. we have been waiting for Pop Sugar. Thank you. All morning long. How great of a website is this. It's wonderful. sugar, are you kidding me? You're a big pet sugar fan? When I got my dog, it was pet sugar all the time. Constantly. Great to hear. Come on. How you know all of this? -It's fantastic. It's brilliant. It's brilliant. -So tell me a little bit about revisiting these characters. I think your couple was definitely one of the most love it from the first movie. I mean I've seen a lot of questions from fans about, you know, like what's happening with Kevin and Vicky? Are they going to end up together finally? had you thought a lot about where they might be at this point in their lives before, just personally. I wasn't sure, I mean that was one of the things about the script when, before I got it I was wondering how is she going to come back? What are they going to make her like? And I love how Vicki came back. What was it like to team up with Chris again, right? She's a bit of a diva, but they made it work. Ahh, diva! Chris, speaking of diva, you kind of have a diva moment in this movie, from your dance off on Celebrity Dance Off, your character kinda goes on to be hip hop predator right, love the hip hop dance, love it, did you like choreograph that whole thing? you know what, yes was, completely choreographed, not by me, not by me, and it was up to me and you know I took some creative you, know I had added some of my own kind of stuff that I had been working on and i've toured the clubs in New York, and Vegas, and LA really, perfected. Yeah, you've got to research the moves you know, and come up with the Ozzy signature. Now I've talked to some of your co-stars about what it was like to actually all get back together after all these years. Who from the cast do you think has actually changed the most. Probably you, certainly. Me?Because of my beard? No, because you're married. the baby. Do you feel that? When I got back together with everyone, I felt like I was more immature this time around when we were all together. And still you know when we're all together I feel like, you know, when I was 18 I was trying to act like I was 30, and now that I'm you know, 31 and acting like I'm 12. But did you get a lot downtime to sort of reconnect off the set too? Yeah, I think that was one of the beautiful things about this film is that it was kind of like sleep-away camp. Right. All the other movies we shot in L.A. so after we wrapped from the day we'd go home and on this film we got to actually wrap and spend time with each other and the sets were pretty far away, so we'd drive to work together, and I became much closer with Thomas on this movie. We had a great time. Like driving to a set for like an hour. Yeah, he played a guitar. And Tara would be like, "Get your guitar out, play a song." I was the entertainment sometimes -Yeah, I was like please, did you bring the guitar today? Please just sing one more song. -So did you guys think about where your directors would end up over the years, this is kind of where you thought they'd be -I was curious to see where she would be, and it does make sense to me You know, I think that it was kind of a scenario where you know, Heather definitely acknowledged opportunities that was being presented with and I think it's a situation where you really love someone you want them to live up to their highest potential Right. And support them no matter what and that unconditional love and so they did separate and you know, she really focused on her work and just, you know, was unlucky in love. But it all comes back around again because I think if it's meant, it's meant. I love her, I love her. Now, Tara, I know that you said that over the years a lot of young girls have come up to you and wanted to kind of share their first time stories and like almost give advice. What's the most memorable moment you've had like that? That was years ago and that doesn't happen anymore. That was a 13 years ago when I was that young, and they were that young. At that time what was something that really like. "Oh my God it's going to be about prom, and you know I have a boyfriend and I'm thinking of losing my virginity." Like oh my god, I don't know. Don't ask me. No. My question always was different from fans. Really? And still is they're all, "So, did you really hook up with Tara Reid?"and did you guys? Do you wanna clear that up now? No. No. Now everybody today has been talking about Jason's nude scene. Did you guys know that was going to happen? Were you a little shocked that day on set? It was written in the script that it would be that way and I thought that John and Hayden were right on point, because, you know, with the first film and Jason's character, you know, doing a pie. How do you top that so many years later when so many films have come out and pushed the envelope so much farther, you know? The only thing that's possible for them to do is to show everything. And he did. Yes he did.

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